Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson to Retire?

2020 Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson (Photo courtesy of Larry Slater;

Less than a week after winning an Olympic gold medal at the 125 kg weight class, did Gable Steveson just announce his retirement from wrestling? This was posted via his Instagram page today.

Gable has not-so-subtlety hinted at a future in the WWE, as well as the UFC, and even the NFL earlier this week. Steveson's remarkable comeback in the gold medal match stirred up plenty of mainstream media attention and has made his stock rise even more significantly in those areas. We will have more information as Steveson makes his next step known to the public.


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dbestsport (1) about a month and a half ago
Gable, if you read these posts, then I implore you to take a little time off, reflect, and please think about what you can do to advance and promote the sport of amateur wrestling.
You have a tremendous following and seeing you in a Minnesota singlet next season can only encourage more young people to pursue the sport of wrestling.
I wish you the best in whatever you do, but remember... your name is 'Gable'.
PALAESTRA (1) about a month and a half ago
Congratulations on a spectacular Olympic title! I believe many wrestling fans would agree with me when I ask that you continue wrestling. Granted, many opportunities now abound, but you also have the chance to become one of the best American heavyweight wrestlers of all time, perhaps one of the best wrestlers of all time at any weight! Imagine the impact you could have on the wrestling community, for decades to come, for generations to come! You have tremendous potential and obviously can accomplish things most of us can only dream about. And you never want to grow old wondering "what if?". Keep doing what you love....wrestling!
ban basketball (1) about a month ago
"...but remember... your name is 'Gable'."

Yes, but pronounced, Guh-bell.