5 Things You Didn't Know About StaleMates

StaleMates. You've heard of them, yeah? If you haven't, you probably aren't keeping up with the trends. StaleMates is one of the fastest-growing wrestling-based media companies in 2021. Co-founders Zach Bogle and Tyler Walker have utilized social media in a unique and electrifying way, entertaining roughly 6,000 followers daily. StaleMates aims to capture the drama that occurs on and off the wrestling mat, providing their followers with a behind-the-scenes take on all things wrestling.

If you think you know everything about StaleMates, you don't! I was lucky enough to sit down with co-founder and co-host, Zach Bogle, to discuss a variety of interesting facts that you didn't know about StaleMates, until today.

StaleMates was originally started a full season before their first episode.

Zach and Tyler were hard at work a full season before their first episode officially aired. Due to COVID and the cancellation of nationals, StaleMates was temporarily put on hold to the public. During that time, StaleMates recorded roughly six episodes that were never released. Zach and Tyler chose not to release those episodes in an effort to pinpoint exactly what they wanted to cover in wrestling, and how they would deliver that content to the public.

Co-Host, Tyler Walker, has one of the first YouTube videos, ever.

Roughly fifteen years ago, Tyler created a YouTube channel where he posted one of the first videos, ever. Although it didn't go viral as expected, Tyler was still eager to show all of his friends and family. With YouTube being newly established in February 2005, Tyler didn't know how to utilize the search feature to show his friends and family. In order to view the video, Tyler would give out his login information. Tyler's video may or may not still be on YouTube. But if you're curious, the username is Jammer2000, and the password is Nirvana69.

Co-Host, Zach Bogle, made Facebook pages go viral in high school.

When Zach was in high school, he would create Facebook pages, with the sole purpose of building them up to receive as many likes as possible; essentially going viral. One Facebook page reached 30,000 likes. Zach primarily created Facebook pages when he was bored, but still received enjoyment out of the not-so-common hobby.

StaleMates co-founders attended a well-known high school in Centerville, Iowa.

Zach and Tyler both attended Centerville High School, located in Centerville, Iowa. Centerville High School is the alma mater of two very well-known wrestlers; TJ Sebolt and Chad Zaputil. TJ Sebolt posted a 207-1 record in high school, winning four Iowa state titles. Of those 207 wins, he recorded 137 pins and a 192-match win streak. Currently, Sebolt is the Owner and Head Coach at Sebolt Wrestling Academy, one of the countries most prestigious wrestling academies. In high school, Chad Zaputil was a four-time Iowa state representative and two-time Iowa state champion. In college, Zaputil became a three-time Big Ten Conference champion and three-time NCAA championship finalist for The University of Iowa.

StaleMates stardom partially occurred because of The Willie Trials.

StaleMates stardom is most notably linked to their proactive participation during The Willie Trials. After each trial day, StaleMates would give a brief synopsis for the public, and break down crucial points within the court case. After the trial ended, one of the defendants' lawyers sent StaleMates a "thank you" letter. In that letter, the lawyers disclosed that the videos posted by StaleMates were utilized to better shape the strategy used in the court case.

But wait, there's more!

Here are a few additional interesting facts about StaleMates.

  • Zach and Tyler can't remember how they came up with the name, StaleMates.

  • When StaleMates first started, they wanted to build their brand by creating highlight videos for high school wrestlers.

  • StaleMates bought a van solely for their Kevin Dresser interview in Ames, Iowa, and it has never been driven since.

  • Zach (in his own words) sucked at wrestling in high school.

    Well, there you have it. Now you know everything about StaleMates. Or do you? When asking StaleMates what they wanted wrestling fans to know moving forward, they stated, "We want people to know that we like all of the new creatives that are also trying to do new and cool stuff in wrestling media. We might not talk about it a lot, but we do pay attention to all of the podcasts, videos, and interviews that are posted. This past year, we have learned a lot from everyone."

    If you'd like to support StaleMates, you can follow them on Twitter (@stalematesshow), Instagram (@stalematesshow), Facebook (StaleMates), and YouTube (StaleMates). But wait, there's more, again! StaleMates is streaming StaleMates Street League live on Patreon tonight at 7:00pm! You can subscribe to StaleMates on Patreon for $3.99 to stream the event. **Subscriptions require a monthly payment of $3.99. You can cancel at any time.**
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