The National Duals are Back!!!

(Photo courtesy of Tony Rotundo; courtesy of Anna-Lee Boerner)

Journeymen Wrestling is excited to announce the reformation of one of the most popular events of the college wrestling season.

Until the 2018 season, National Duals was annually among the crown jewels of Division I Wrestling and among the most attended and watched event of the year. After that season however, the event dissolved. But we're bringing it back!

Journeymen's Frank Popolizio, who has run national level wrestling events for over a decade, took on the task of making National Duals a reality again out of both nostalgia and the desire to fill a void in collegiate team competition.

"Ever since my brother Pat, wrestled in the National Duals while at Oklahoma state in the late 1990s , I have been fascinated by duals and particularly a dual championship. Twice a year I would get on an airplane to go watch collegiate wrestling: NCAAs and the National Duals. It created an awesome ambiance. I know I'm not alone . I know wrestling fans appreciate duals and I thought the timing was right to bring a high stakes - unyielding dual competition back to wrestling."

When & Where

National Duals will feature 12 teams and will be held in Fort Walton Beach, Florida on December 20th and 21st, 2021 at NW Florida State College. Hotel and ticket information for fans will be available soon. All mats and rounds will be streamed on this channel.

The Field

Five of the top seven teams from NCAA's are in the field including defending team champions, the Iowa Hawkeyes. Additionally, Cornell, who did not compete last year, and three other Top 25 finishers are in the mix. Defending EIWA Champions Lehigh, along with Oregon State and Hofstra, round out the 12-team field.

Invitations were extended to the two top returning teams in each conference. #22 Central Michigan, the top returning team in the MAC, was the only team in the conference to accept the invitation. Hofstra, who was 4th in the EIWA last year replaced a second team from the MAC. All representatives from SoCon conference declined.

Participating Teams

#1 Iowa Hawkeyes (Big Ten)
#4 Arizona State Sun Devils (Pac 12)
#5 Michigan Wolverines (Big Ten)
#6 North Carolina State Wolfpack (ACC)
#7 Missouri Tigers (Big 12)
#15 Virginia Tech Hokies (ACC)
#19 Northern Iowa Panthers (Big 12)
#22 Central Michigan Chippewas (MAC)
Cornell Big Red (EIWA)
Lehigh Mountain Hawks (EIWA)
Oregon State Beavers (Pac 12)
Hofstra Pride (EIWA)

The Format

The twelve teams will be placed in four pools of three by seed but also avoiding conference opponents. On Day 2, winners of the pools will advance to a four-team bracket for semi's and finals to determine a National Dual Champion. The remaining schools will wrestle extra duals vs. teams of correlating pool placement.

About Journeymen Wrestling

Journeymen Wrestling runs camps, clinics and events of all age groups under the leadership of Frank Popolizio. Annual and past events include the Northeast Duals (DI College), Collegiate Classic (DI Individual), Journeymen Fall Classic (HS), Journeymen Duals (HS), World Freestyle Challenge (HS), MiniMen (Youth) and Tussle for the Troops: NC State vs. Oklahoma State in Naples, Italy.

For more information on any of Journeymen's events contact


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ban basketball (1) about 1 year ago
Florida, for God's sake!? Bring it on back home here to the UNI Dome, which was THE best and only place to hold the event.

It's like having hockey in the south. Play the sports where they play them well and where the sport comes from.
The Du (1) about 1 year ago
you don't stop whining, do ya? btw a team from Florida one the last two stanley cups, ya dinkus.
Earl (1) about 1 year ago
I've spoken to plenty of coaches who have done duals in Florida recently (past few years). They enjoy the good weather that time of year and some turn it into a short vacation for their teams.
ban basketball (1) about 1 year ago
The Du (Uncle Festus),

How about you go fuck yisself, and thanks for showing me the asshole that you are, which is why I won't be renewing my membership with you, boy.
ban basketball (2) about 1 year ago
Appreciate your comment (and your writing), Earl.

Good to see that some are smart enough to not take my comments seriously. I'm just sorry to know that someone as decent as you works for such a degenerate.
The Du (1) about 1 year ago
well, i was kinda joking, bc i thought you could take a joke.

that being said, several people have complained about your incessant moaning. so do what you have to do. there's a reason you were banned from posting on almost every other site.
ban basketball (1) about 1 year ago
"Dinkus" is joking, eh? Sounds like a strange joke to this fool.

Yes, rasslin cancel culture has done banned me for decades. Only slightly ironic that these apparent rasslin "tough guys" can't handle words on a forum that allows for words, eh, folks?
The Du (1) about 1 year ago
i didn't ban you. (even though you name called and even though i've gotten several complaints about your posts). i don't really believe in banning people for their thoughts or opinions.

you were the one who 'couldn't handle words' and threatened to unsubscribe. if that ain't ironic.

anyway - you're welcome here. but man, turn it down a notch.
TopGunWrestling (1) about 1 year ago
Lol the guy talks trash about Florida and brings hockey into it. Tampa Bay Lightning have won back to back Stanley Cups
ban basketball (1) about 1 year ago
TopGun many of their players came from Florida?

Got my pernt now? Good...
ban basketball (1) about 1 year ago
"i didn't ban you. (even though you name called and even though i've gotten several complaints about your posts)."

Nor did I imply that you did, unless you were the mod at any of the six sites that cancel cultured me, which, to my knowledge, you were not.

Sounds like more advocacy for cancel culture from the tough guy rasslin fan tattle tales, who, once again, are decimated by words.
ban basketball (1) about 1 year ago
Clarification for El Teske,

"Where the sport comes from" was really more of a statement of where sports and according athletes DON'T come from. I was mainly referring to hockey. When I think of "hockey hotbed," and even "rasslin hotbed," Florida isn't coming to mind for either. How about you, El Teske?
dbestsport (1) about 11 months ago
Penn State just released their schedule and it includes the Collegiate Duals, 12/20-21 in Florida?
Is the field you have posted confirmed? Is it possibly expanding?