Fantasy Wrestling Guide for the Olympic Games

The Olympics are set to begin in Tokyo, with Greco and women's freestyle beginning on August 1st and men's freestyle kicking off on August 4th. Want to play fantasy while you watch? You can on Fantasy Fight League.

How it works: You select a wrestler at each weight in each style. However many points your athletes score gets added to your username. That moves you up the leaderboard. The top ten finishers on this month's leaderboard win prizes.

Scoring: 80 points for gold, 60 points for silver, 40 points for bronze.


1st: A pair of whichever Rudis shoes you want
2nd: A Blue Chip Team USA singlet
3rd: A Green Drop compression sleeve
4th: Richie Lewis' Aper Fitness USA jersey
5th: A Rokfin subscription
6th: An Intermat subscription
7th: A StaleMates subscription
8th: An Open Mat subscription
9th: A Team USA headband from Wrestling Mart

What to know: You have the ability to play as many games as you want for $5 per month, cancel any time.

Where to play: HERE


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