2021 Fantasy Points vs Actual NCAA Points

Gable Steveson before the 2021 NCAA semifinals(Photo/Tony Rotundo;

Throughout the past couple weeks, we have seen each weight's Top-20 Fantasy Wrestlers on display from the 2021 season with some surprising names in surprising places. For one last look into last season point totals, let's look to see how each Fantasy Rank Grouping would fare as a "team" entering the NCAAs.

First, the composition of each Fantasy Team Grouping:

Applying NCAA scoring, here is how each Team finishes:

First, the composition of each Fantasy Team Grouping:

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

4th Place:

5th Place:

6th Place:

7th Place:

8th Place:

9th Place:

10th Place:

Finally (for Clicks & Giggles), where each of these Fantasy Teams would land in the Actual NCAA Team Race.

For this, I did not remove the wrestler from their actual school's Team because, you know, it's Fantasy Wrestling.

Ah, what the hell, why not. Here is what the NCAA Team standings would be if it was adjusted for those wrestlers on the Fantasy Teams were removed from their actual NCAA Team:


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