Nebraska Votes to Sanction Girls HS Wrestling

This morning Nebraska joined 32 other states by sanctioning girls high school wrestling. A year ago, the Nebraska School Athletic Association (NSAA) voted to add girls wrestling as an emerging sport and it was on the state calendar as a winter sport. With sanctioning, the NSAA will host an official girls state tournament for the first time in 2021-22. For the past four years, a girls state tournament was held, but it was not officially sanctioned by the NSAA.

Wednesday's vote tally turned out to be 8-0 in favor of sanctioning girls high school wrestling. Nebraska is the second state in less than 10 days to approve the sport. Minnesota jumped aboard on May 11th.

While high school sanctioning just occurred, Nebraska already has a presence at the women's collegiate level. In 2020-21, Hastings became the state's third college to offer the sport, joining Midland and York. All three of these institutions should reap the benefits of having the girls wrestling sanctioned at the high school level.


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