Stanford Saved!

2021 NCAA champion Shane Griffith (Photo/Tony Rotundo;

Breaking News courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle's Ann Killion: Stanford will not cut any of the 11 programs (including wrestling) as was previously announced in July of 2020.

More information to come. For full story:

San Francisco Chronicle


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ban basketball (1) about a month ago
So, what happens to their top rasslers who've jumped ship?
seeyajohn2 (1) about a month ago
To the best of my knowledge no Stanford wrestler has committed to another program. However, their head coach has!
dbestsport (1) about a month ago
Great news for our sport.
Now if we can just get Boise State, Washington, Old Dominion, Clemson, and Syracuse (as a start) to reinstate wrestling.
Sheerstress (1) about a month ago
Fantastic! Hopefully they can get a great coach to come in and fill Borelli's shoes.
Keyser Soze (1) about a month ago
Congrats Stanford!!! too bad coach had already signed elsewhere. Better late than never I guess.