InterMat's Mother's Day Special

To celebrate Mother's Day, InterMat sat down with five prominent mothers in the wrestling community, Allyson Schwab, Kaille Grey, Lyndsey Beasley, Jaime Dubuque, and McKayla Engel. All five are married to DI coaches, as well. These women talk about how and when they met their husbands and some difficulties involved with being the wife of a DI coach. From new jobs, moving, criticism in person/on social media, time spent on the road, distance from family, these ladies hit plenty of angles that many fans forget about. They also share some fun stories about their husbands that you probably don't know (and their husbands probably don't want you to know).


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ban basketball (1) about a month ago
Finally took the time to watch this. Very informative, insiders' views.

The story of the Dubuque's first date was as good of comedy as you'll get in wrestling.
ban basketball (1) about a month ago
It drove me mad...Dubuques'.