Interview with Jordan Oliver

Jordan Oliver in match two of the Olympic Trials finals (Photo/Tony Rotundo;

Intermat hit the road over the weekend and traveled to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to film content for an upcoming segment on the site. We were also able to catch up with Jordan Oliver, just about a week after winning the 65 kg Olympic Trials in freestyle. Oliver was fresh off a workout with national team member Nathan Tomasello as he prepares for the Last Chance Qualifier in a few short weeks in Bulgaria. In our talk, Oliver discusses the differences in his mindset between this Trials and past events and much more.


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ban basketball (1) about a month ago
As much as I like Oliver, there are just people in this world who shouldn't have a beard until their facial hair has developed enough to actually have a beard.

And, he's short just one tattoo to complete hisself. Just ONE more.
Gilgamesh (1) about a month ago
Jordan is thoughtful and composed, seems to be in a good place. He truly needs to be. Good luck to him.
coolbeans (1) about a month ago
It appears from the last several outing of JO that he has matured, seems like he is peaking, getting his mind right, and hitting on all cylinders. Would love to see him dominate and make some big statements in the upcoming tournament!