J'Den Cox Out of the Olympic Trials

Two-time World Champion J'Den Cox (Photo/Tony Rotundo,

Before action gets underway at the Olympic Trials, we already have shocking news to report. Two-time world champion and 2016 Olympic bronze medalist J'Den Cox will not be competing in today's trials. Unnamed sources have told Intermat that Cox was struggling to make weight and finally did so after the allotted time. Afterwards, a committee met to discuss the issue and came to this decision. Cox is not currently listed in the brackets. The Des Moines Register's Cody Goodwin first reported Cox's status for the Trials and USA Wrestling has confirmed this as well.


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Keyser Soze (1) a week and a half ago
Oh no! I love this guy! I am heartbroken for him. what a great kid and I love how he went straight at the two best wrestlers in the world! What a shame. He seems so disciplined how did he miss weight?
michaelmidiri (1) a week and a half ago
Maybe he thought he'd have an easier time making 97 kg? But I'm sure he did a test run. On the other hand, Cox was wrestling at 220 all the way back in high school.
ban basketball (1) a week and a half ago
How derned high is your weight when you can't make 213, and you rassled at a lower weight in past years!? WOWZA!
Jdgochenour (1) a week and a half ago
He made it later, Let him in, Im sure Snyder does not wanna win that way,
Keyser Soze (1) a week and a half ago
jd I'm not sure if you wrestled before, but there are rules. You have a time to weigh in and if you are late or miss the weight you lose. that's why you get there early and weigh in to make sure you are cool. basketball and football would make an exception and that's why they suck. Wrestling teaches you discipline and sometimes you have to learn the hard way. I am heart broken for Jayden I love that kid, but you don't change the rules for anyone. That would be like a stupid celebrity killing someone in a car accident but because they are rich and famous the rules get bent for them and a slap on the wrist.
GDeLeonJr (2) a week and a half ago
Cardinal rule: You make weight. It sucks, but i would not let him in. And he's a legit medal hopeful.
hardcor_33 (1) a week and a half ago
Great kid. But you have had one job while preparing for this. I don’t feel bad at all for him on this one. Snyder is great and I’m sure up for the challenge, but I doubt he’s upset not having to try to take down the most sebaceous man on Earth.
u00ksh2 (1) a week and a half ago
@Keyser Soze...I love the comment about rules. But why do you have to trash basketball and football? Wrestling certainly is about discipline. To successful, what endeavor is not going to require discipline. Success takes work and that is with whatever we do. I took the opportunity to realize that not only with wrestling, but with football as well. Before we trash everything else, maybe we out to respect the efforts and discipline people put in to be successful in their sport or life. Just saying! Bless you!
Keyser Soze (1) a week and a half ago
@U00... I said that about football and basketball because I played football in college. Football and BB players don't need the type of discipline that wrestlers have and are in college for their sport first and college second.
I do say that most of the team (Football) worked their asses off all year around to play on saturdays but the discipline level is nowhere near that of a wrestling team.

I do respect athletes that put their blood, sweat and tears on the line four to five years of their college career instead of working and having time to hang out with friends and girlfriends like non player students. I will hire someone at my if they have the same qualifications but played sports all day and every day, but wrestlers are always at the top of my list just like a kid that's an eagle scout.
ban basketball (1) a week ago
"... just like a kid that's an eagle scout."

I have a friend who's one of those, and a convicted felon for a drug crime to boot!
Keyser Soze (1) a week ago
There is always a bad apple or two, but I would bet my left pinkie that if you took all the eagle scouts and put them up against the same number of random men the randoms would have a disproportionate amount of arrests compared to the eagle scouts.
coolbeans (2) a week and a half ago
Scores of Athletes and politicians get slapped on the wrist for crimes committed. Many of the Athletes also support the racists BLM and kneel for the national Anthem. So many fans are have recently dropped those sports like flies. .

According to Wikipedia Cox has only lost once in the last 27 matches and has been scored on only 15 points in all of those matches combined. Cox has been red hot in recent years and is rated higher than Snyder. I would support that Cox gets a shot at wrestling off Snyder. Being 13 minutes late is not an egregious crime.

The USA's freestyle team looks like the best ever chance of placing very high in this years Olympics with several number one rates members! .

Cox could go and wrestle for another country and take points away from the USA's best Olympic chances of winning. .
Keyser Soze (1) a week and a half ago
beans.... how do you think Jayden could go wrestle from another country? He was born in Columbia, Missouri and is a citizen of the red white and blue.... you have to have a dual citizenship to compete for a country other than your birthplace and Jayden is an American so he might punch you in the mouth for even thinking that nonsense.

He is a great kid that would never kneel when they play the national anthem so why would he ever be a traitor to his beloved country.
coolbeans (1) a week ago
KZ, you sound very opinionated. Which is totally fine. We live in America where we are entitled to free speech and thoughts. We all have God given rights without any talk of attack or punching anyone. Most people don't like bullies much in America.

USA would like to send our best teams to the Olympics. Rules or exceptions are man made and can be altered if they make sense. That is just my humble opinion. Maybe I am right or wrong but it can be a discussion.

Let Cox and Snyder wrestle each other. I would put my money on Cox and I would imagine that everyone would love to see them match up in a wrestling match or two or three.

A good example of the best is how quickly Dake dismantled Noff and handled JB too. JB would have been a fine representative at the upcoming Olympics. But Dake was just a whole another level. Just like DT and Gable. Just some food for thought !
Keyser Soze (1) a week ago
Yeah the punch in the mouth comment was a little much , sorry about that I guess i'm just used to replying to nutcases like BB. I was just trying to make a point that Jayden isn't the type that would jump ship on the USA if he didn't make a team because of a mix up. He's all stars and stripes. I think he would have done well but after watching Kyle dominate Kolin like he did I don't feel like Jayden would have fared much better.

I watched every freestyle match of the trials so I am with you about the other guys being on a different level, but as for the only two that dismantled anyone in the finals it was Gable and Kyle.

I believe the US wants to send the best team as well, but kindly disagree with you about changing the rules. Everyone always tries to push the rules further and further all the time, just like kids... they will push you and push you until something gives and too bad for them (and if you saw my movie Usual suspects you would know....) I have legendary will.

Society needs rules and as long as the rules are not outrageous then it should be black and white either you are there and weighed in by 7:59:59 or you miss the trials.

If your coach tells you the wrong time that's no excuse... with a computer on our phones and even some watches if I'm Jayden I would have 10 different timers and alarms with the right time on it and I would have checked 25 times to make sure I was right. For some reason I don't think we have gotten the full story just like a lot of the knee jerk reactions in the country now. Give it a couple months and I believe we will hear something else that makes more sense.
ban basketball (1) a week ago
Former America's team rasssler, Alex Dolly, was born and raised in the U.S. and rassled for Ireland. More recntly, Myles Amine is doing the exact same thing.

Keyser Soze (1) a week ago
dolly... his aunt replies below video...."Alex Dolly is my nephew and I think he's WONDERFUL! Not just because he's my nephew ... that's why in 1987 I got his Irish citizenship taken care of. You go, Alex!
I said if someone has dual citizenship.

Amine I guess it goes for second generation citizens too.
ban basketball (1) 2 days ago
Dolly is second generation, not a dual citizen. He said so hisself in the interview.