Raised fists, kneeling during anthem allowed at Olympic Team Trials

Wrestlers competing in this weekend's Olympic Team Trials will not face sanctions from the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee for raising their fists or kneeling during the national anthem.

The USOPC release a document outlining what "racial and social demonstrations" will and will not be allowed by athletes competing for spots on Team USA.

In addition to raising a first and kneeling during the anthem, other allowable forms of demonstration include wearing hats or face masks with phrases such as "Black Lives Matter" or words such as "equality" or "justice."

Demonstrations not permitted include actions that would impede others from competing, such as lying down in the middle of a competition mat.


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Bebe1993 (2) a week and a half ago
All this is why I quit watching ANYTHING to do with the Olympics. They should remain an athletic competition and NOT a social or an event for radical demonstration. I served under our flag and have nothing to do with people who disrespect it and organizations who sponsor that disrespect.
ban basketball (1) a week and a half ago
Translation: I endorse cancel culture!

Forgotten the 1968 Olympics already, where those guys today are recognized by 75% of our poputation as being courageous for their social statement.
ban basketball (1) a week and a half ago
Forgot the question mark at the end of my last sentence.
headgear643 (2) a week and a half ago
I think it's still a free country so I'm ok with people doing peaceful protests. I just find it interesting how we have come from MLK's vision of not seeing skin color, "only the content of one's character", to BLM's vision of ONLY seeing skin color. Slavery, segregation, etc it was all wrong. But so is dividing everyone up by race and playing the race card on every conceivable issue. Two wrongs never make a right!
ban basketball (1) a week and a half ago
Baloney. Little do you-or any other misinformed person, for that matter-know is that ML King Jr. WAS the equivalent of BLM in the eyes of everyone in his day. It's only the glossed over, out of context, "content of character" statement that un-informed people have been deliberately "taught" was the only thing that MLK Jr. worked and advertated for.

Something required to read for any of my people.

Happy learnin, and you can thank me for the partial edgakashun!
ban basketball (1) a week and a half ago
Patty Morgan (R) RI