Fan voting underway for Dan Hodge Trophy

Fan voting is underway for the 2021 Dan Hodge Trophy.

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Roman Bravo-Young - Penn State

Weight Class: 133
Record: 14-0
Pins: 1
Tech Falls: 2
Major Decisions: 2
For/DQ: 0
Bonus: 35.7%

Aaron Brooks - Penn State

Weight Class: 184
Record: 14-0
Pins: 0
Tech Falls: 2
Major Decisions: 5
For/DQ: 0
Bonus: 50.0%

David Carr - Iowa State

Weight Class: 157
Record: 20-0
Pins: 4
Tech Falls: 4
Major Decisions: 5
For/DQ: 0
Bonus: 65.0%

Spencer Lee - Iowa

Weight Class: 125
Record: 12-0
Pins: 5
Tech Falls: 3
Major Decisions: 3
For/DQ: 0
Bonus: 91.7%

Austin O'Connor - North Carolina

Weight Class: 149
Record: 13-0
Pins: 2
Tech Falls: 0
Major Decisions: 4
For/DQ: 0
Bonus: 46.1%

Gable Steveson - Minnesota

Weight Class: 285
Record: 17-0
Pins: 4
Tech Falls: 7
Major Decisions: 3
For/DQ: 1
Bonus: 88.2%


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BadgerBoy (1) about 3 weeks ago
Spencer and Gable were both remarkably dominant and both are deserving. Gable received my vote because in the 50+ years I have been involved with and have followed NCAA wrestling, Gable is by far THE MOST DOMINANT heavyweight.
Keyser Soze (1) about 2 weeks ago
Gable got my vote as well, but you really think that he would have taken out Kyle Snyder?
I don't know about that one, we have all seen that Gable beat Gwiz but was beaten by him 2X the year before. When Kyle wrestled heavyweight he crushed their souls. I think the 2016 Kyle Snyder beats the 2021 Gable Steveson.
BadgerBoy (2) about 2 weeks ago
Very Good point Keyser. A 2016 Snyder vs 2021 Steveson match would be epic. I still recall when Snyder lifted Connor Medbery in the air during their NCAA Final. However, Gable is also crushing very good heavyweights such as Parris.
Dave J (2) about 2 weeks ago
Gable for sure on strength of opponents. The accomplishments of Mason-Tony and Kerk outweigh everybody else who competed against Spencer at 125. Not a very strong weight at all this year-especially missing Glory and Vito.
takedown95 (2) about 2 weeks ago
I don't want to be a homer and I really like Spencer Lee but I have to agree with others that Gable just had better competition this year. You have these absolute demarcation lines at HWT. Cassioppi seems to be better than the rest of the solid HWT, Paris is a whole level above him and Gable is a whole level above Paris. Add in that he teched Gwiz (as supporting evidence) I just didn't see that type of competition for Lee.
Tribble99 (1) about 2 weeks ago
Hard to argue against strength of Gable being a level above pretty much everyone this year, and yeah, I'm probably a homer Lee fan, but Spencer won the big dance with no ACL's - You can't shoot, sprawl, or react without that vital part of your leg structure - Pretty dahm gutsy. Lee for his 2nd Hodge - IMHO.
jamper1 (3) about 2 weeks ago
I am a Nit season ticket holder but I have to agree with you Tribble. Lee shows you the true mindset of a wrestler by wrestling with the torn ACL's where the pro athletes have to take a day off if they have an upset stomach.
BadgerBoy (1) about 2 weeks ago
Criteria for the Hodge include: a wrestler's record, number of pins, dominance on the mat, past credentials, quality of competition, sportsmanship/citizenship and heart. I also admire Lee's skill and grit. However, in 2021 Gable has the edge in 4 of the 7 criteria.
Geometeacher (2) about 2 weeks ago
BadgerBoy - I am not sure what numbers you looked at. I have Spencer Lee winning in 5 out of 7 Categories
Record - both undefeated - draw especially in a season like this one
Pins - Lee wins 5-4
Dominance - Lee wins 91% to 88%
Past Credentials - Lee Wins with 2 NCAA titles to zero. I am not counting freestyle since this is a folkstyle award
Quality of competition - Steveson wins although it is clearly very subjective
Sportsmanship/Citizenship - Lee wins since he was never accused of crimes against women and his demeanor on the mat is so much better
Heart - Lee wins since he wrestled with no ACL's and he competed so his team could take the team title.
ban basketball (3) about 2 weeks ago
"Sportsmanship/Citizenship - Lee wins since he was never accused of crimes against women and his demeanor on the mat is so much better"

Not opting to try to split hairs between the two myself, but this is a pernt that cannot be overlooked and important to make.
Keyser Soze (1) about 2 weeks ago
Yes he was accused but in this country you used to be innocent until PROVEN guilty.
BadgerBoy (2) about 2 weeks ago
Although its a bad idea to argue with a Geometry teacher, Gable: 17-0 vs 12-0; Credentials of beating US World medalist, Quality of competition. Dominance included majoring both Parris and Cassiopia who were another level above the rest of the field.