Team Winchester, Team Mensah-Stock reach finals of Captains' Cup

Macey Kilty knocked off Mallory Velte (Photo/Tony Rotundo,

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- The championship match is set the Captains' Cup.

Team Winchester and Team Mensah-Stock came through to win their respective pools and earn spots in Sunday's finals.

Team Winchester topped Team Burkert and Team Miracle on the opening day, winning 10 of 12 matches. Macey Kilty (62 kilograms) shined for Team Winchester, getting technical superiorities over 2018 world bronze medalist Mallory Velte (11-0) and 2018 Final X runner-up Julia Salata (10-0).

Sarah Hildebrandt picked up a pair of wins on Saturday (Photo/Mark Lundy,

Team Mensah-Stock moved into the finals by edging Team Hildebrandt on criteria and defeating Team Francis 4-2. Dymond Guilford (76 kilograms) had a strong day, beating Precious Bell (2-1) and Victoria Francis.

Team Burkert will face Team Francis for third place, while Team Hildebrandt meet Team Miracle for fifth place.

The placing matches begin at 4 p.m. CT on Sunday/.

Pool A

Team Winchester df. Team Burkert, 4-2
62: Macey Kilty (Winchester) df. Mallory Velte (Burkert), 11-0
68: Alex Glaude (Winchester) df. Alyvia Fiske (Burkert), 3-2
76: Tristan Kelly (Burkert) df. Geneva Gray (Winchester), 12-1
50: Alyssa Lampe (Winchester) df. Aleeah Gould (Burkert), 10-0
53: Jacarra Winchester (Winchester) df. Katherine Shai (Burkert), 6-2
57: Brenda Reyna (Burkert) df. Gracie Figueroa (Winchester), 14-4

Team Burkert df. Team Miracle, 5-1
68: Alyvia Fiske (Burkert) df. Ashlynn Ortega (Miracle), 6-1
76: Tristan Kelly (Burkert) df. Hannah Gladden (Miracle), 3-1
50: Erin Golston (Miracle) df. Aleeah Gould (Burkert), 10-0
53: Katherine Shai (Burkert) df. Ronna Heaton (Miracle), 10-0
57: Brenda Reyna (Burkert) df. Koral Sugiyama (Miracle), 11-10
62: Mallory Velte (Burkert) df. Julia Salata (Miracle), 8-2

Team Winchester df. Team Miracle, 6-0
76: Geneva Gray (Winchester) df. Hannah Gladden (Miracle), 10-0
50: Alyssa Lampe (Winchester) df. Erin Golston (Miracle), 9-4
53: Jacarra Winchester (Winchester) df. Ronna Heaton (Miracle), 6-2
57: Gracie Figueroa (Winchester) df. Koral Sugiyama (Miracle), 12-1
62: Macey Kilty (Winchester) df. Julia Salata (Miracle), 10-0
68: Alex Glaude (Winchester) df. Ashlynn Ortega (Miracle), 5-1

Pool B

Team Mensah-Stock df. Team Hildebrandt, 3-3, (13-12 classification points)
62: Jennifer Page (Hildebrandt) df. Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Mensah-Stock), 17-6
68: Tamyra Mensah-Stock (Mensah-Stock) df. Kayla Marano (Hildebrandt), 10-0
76: Dymond Guilford (Mensah-Stock) df. Precious Bell (Hildebrandt), 2-1
50: Sarah Hildebrandt (Hildebrandt) df. Amy Fearnside (Mensah-Stock), 10-0
53: Alex Hedrick (Hildebrandt) df. Alisha Howk (Mensah-Stock), 5-1
57: Abby Nette (Mensah-Stock) df. Lauren Louive (Hildebrandt), 10-0

Team Francis df. Team Hildebrandt, 4-2
68: Skylar Grote (Francis) df. Kayla Marano (Hildebrandt), 6-3
76: Victoria Francis (Francis) df. Precious Bell (Hildebrandt), 8-4
50: Sarah Hildebrandt (Hildebrandt) df. Emily Shilson (Francis), 10-0
53: Felicity Taylor (Francis) df. Alex Hedrick (Hildebrandt), 2-0
57: Lauren Louive (Hildebrandt) df. Lauren Mason (Francis), fall 1:57
62: Emma Bruntil (Francis) df. Jennifer Page (Hildebrandt), 2-2

Team Mensah-Stock df. Team Francis, 4-2
76: Dymond Guilford (Mensah-Stock) df. Victoria Francis (Francis), 10-0
50: Emily Shilson (Francis) df. Amy Fearnside (Mensah-Stock), 9-4
53: Alisha Howk (Mensah-Stock) df. Felicity Taylor (Francis), 5-4
57: Abby Nette (Mensah-Stock) df. Lauren Mason (Francis), 10-0
62: Emma Bruntil (Francis) df. Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Mensah-Stock), 13-2
68: Tamyra Mensah-Stock (Mensah-Stock) df. Skylar Grote (Francis), fall 2:22


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