World champs Burroughs, Taylor to meet Jan. 9 on FloWrestling

Jordan Burroughs gets his hand raised after beating David Taylor at the U.S. Open in 2014 (Photo/John Sachs,

Two of America's biggest wrestling stars will go head-to-head next month.

Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs and world champion David Taylor will meet on Jan. 9 live on FloWrestling.

The match will take place at 86 kilograms. The 32-year-old Burroughs competes internationally at 74 kilograms, while the 30-year-old Taylor wrestles at 86 kilograms.

Burroughs won gold at the 2012 Olympics and has claimed four world titles. Taylor captured a world title in 2018 and missed the 2019 World Championships due to injury.

The two wrestlers have met four times, with Burroughs winning all four meetings. However, the last meeting took place six years ago when Taylor competed at 74 kilograms.

Burroughs is coming off an 8-5 victory over Zahid Valencia at a FloWrestling event on Nov. 14. For that match, Taylor weighed in at 81 kilograms. Taylor defeated 2020 Senior Nationals champion Gabe Dean 6-2 in his most recent outing at the NLWC event on Rokfin held Nov. 24.

Burroughs and Taylor have been trading barbs on Twitter since early October.


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ban basketball (1) about a month ago
Not to channel a "certain someone" that we all know and loathe, but, truly, if Burroughs loses this it's because it's rigged, due to the size difference.

Yeah, Burroughs should have beaten Valencia, just simply due to talent difference, but this could be a different deal.

Potential bad choice, Jordan. We don't want PSU to puff out their chests anymore than what they already do.
michaelmidiri (1) about a month ago
Aside from the size difference being relevant, I think one takeaway from JB v Zahid is that it proves, once more, that a dominant NCAA DI champion is at an incredibly high level. On any scale. If you're good enough to dominate DI, you're good enough to hang with the best wrestlers in the world. Regardless of the difference in styles.
michaelmidiri (1) about a month ago
Did Burroughs wrestle at 86 ever before? For some reason I'm thinking he wrestled up at Rumble on the Rails back in like 2014. Anyone remember?