NJRTC/SERTC, Wolfpack RTC advance to semifinals of RTC Cup

Nate Jackson of the NJRTC/SERTC after beating beating Brett Pfarr by technical superiority (Photo/Sam Janicki,

CINCINNATI -- The semifinals are set at the RTC Cup in Cincinnati.

The NJRTC/SERTC and the Wolfpack RTC claimed quarterfinal victories in Saturday's first session to earn spots in the semifinals. The NJRTC/SERTC will face the Spartan Combat RTC, while the Wolfpack RTC will meet the Cliff Keen WC.

The NJRTC/SERTC advanced to the semifinals with a criteria victory over the Gopher WC. Both teams won three matches, but the NJRTC/SERTC had more classification points (14-9).

Nahshon Garrett and James Green got the NJRTC/SERTC off to a fast start as they earned back-to-back technical superiorities at 57 kilograms and 65 kilograms to start the dual meet.

Garrett made quick work of Zach Sanders, earning a 10-0 technical superiority in the first 30 seconds. He scored a quick takedown and transitioned to a gut wrench to go up 4-0. He then fired off a single leg and went right back to his gut wrench to turn Sanders twice and end the match.

Green, a two-time world medalist, rolled to a 11-0 technical superiority over Brayton Lee at 65 kilograms. He went up 1-0 on a step before getting a takedown and turn to lead 5-0 at the break. He then closed out the match in the second period with a takedown and two gut wrench turns.

The Gopher WC got on the board at 74 kilograms when Evan Wick came from behind to defeat junior world champion Mekhi Lewis. Wick trailed 4-3 at the break, but came out strong in the second period, scoring six quick points off a four-point takedown and turn. He would add another takedown to win by six.

Nate Jackson proved to be too much for Brett Pfarr at 86 kilograms. Jackson immediately fired off a shot and scored a takedown before transitioning to a lace, turning Pfarr four times to go up 8-0. He then shot a double leg and scored a takedown to close out a 10-0 technical superiority in 30 seconds.

Hayden Zillmer kept the Gopher RTC's hopes alive by topping Ty Walz 6-1 at 97 kilograms. Zillmer scored a takedown and gut wrench turn in the first period to lead 4-0 at the break. He would add another takedown in the second period.

Gable Steveson dominated Jordan Wood 10-0 in the final match of the dual meet at 125 kilograms. Steveson built an 8-0 lead after one and ended it early in the second period. Still, despite the Gopher WC winning the final two matches (and three overall), the NJRTC/SERTC won by criteria to move into the semifinals, where they will face the Spartan Combat RTC at 6 p.m. ET.

The Wolfpack RTC moved into the semifinals with a 4-2 win over the Ohio RTC.

Darian Cruz gave the Wolfpack RTC a 1-0 lead when he topped Jack Mueller 3-1 at 57 kilograms. Mueller led 1-0 at the break after scoring off the activity clock. Cruz took the criteria lead in the second period when he scored off the activity clock. He then scored a takedown with just over a minute remaining and held on to win by two.

At 65 kilograms, Sammy Sasso of the Ohio RTC was dominant in picking up a 13-2 technical superiority over Kevin Jack. Jack scored an early takedown to go up 2-0, but it was all Sasso the rest of the way. He went on to score 13 unanswered points, earning the technical superiority with five seconds remaining.

Carson Kharchla of the Ohio RTC remaining undefeated at the RTC Cup with a hard-fought 2-1 win over Tommy Gantt at 74 kilograms. Kharchla scored both of his points off the activity clock, while Gantt's lone point came from a step out.

The Wolfpack RTC's Trent Hidlay turned in a strong performance at 86 kilograms, beating Sammy Brooks 14-7 in an action-filled match. Hidlay went up 7-1 before Brooks used a body lock to throw Hidlay to his back and earn four points in the process. Hidlay would come back with a four-point move of his own and cruise to a seven-point victory.

At 97 kilograms, the Wolfpack RTC's Michael Macchiavello came from behind late to stun Kollin Moore on criteria. Macchiavello scored an early takedown and led 2-0 at the break. Moore turned it up in the second period, scoring three consecutive takedowns to build a 6-2 lead. With under 20 seconds left, Macchiavello countered Moore's attack for a takedown and then locked up a lace and turned the Ohio RTC wrestler with under five seconds remaining to earn the 6-6 criteria victory.

Two-time world bronze medalist Nick Gwiazdowski closed out the dual meet with an 11-0 technical superiority over Amar Dhesi to give the Wolfpack RTC a 4-2 victory.

The Wolfpack RTC will now meet the Cliff Keen WC at 5 p.m. ET.

NJRTC/SERTC df. Gopher WC, 3-3 (Criteria)
57: Nahshon Garrett (NJRTC/SERTC) tech. Zach Sanders (Gopher WC), 10-0
65: James Green (NJRTC/SERTC) tech. Brayton Lee (Gopher WC), 11-0
74: Evan Wick (Gopher WC) dec. Mekhi Lewis (NJRTC/SERTC), 11-5
86: Nate Jackson (NJRTC/SERTC) tech. Brett Pfarr (Gopher WC), 10-0
97: Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC) dec. Ty Walz (NJRTC/SERTC), 6-1
125: Gable Steveson (Gopher WC) tech. Jordan Wood (NJRTC/SERTC), 10-0

Wolfpack RTC df. Ohio RTC, 4-2
57: Darian Cruz (Wolfpack RTC) dec. Jack Mueller (Ohio RTC), 3-1
65: Sammy Sasso (Ohio RTC) tech. Kevin Jack (Wolfpack RTC), 13-2
74: Carson Kharchla (Ohio RTC) dec. Tommy Gantt (Wolfpack RTC), 2-1
86: Trent Hidlay (Wolfpack RTC) dec. Sammy Brooks (Ohio RTC), 14-7
97: Michael Macchiavello (Wolfpack RTC) dec. Kollin Moore (Ohio RTC), 6-6
125: Nick Gwiazdowski (Wolfpack RTC) tech. Amar Dhesi (Ohio RTC), 11-0


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