Matside Recap: Burroughs vs. Zahid, U23 Freestyle Nationals

Tyler Berger defeated Sammy Sasso at Flo's Burroughs vs. Zahid event (Photo/Justin Hoch,

After a brief hiatus, Richard Mann (@richardamann) and Clay Sauertieg (@ByCSauertieg) are back on the Matside. This week the duo looks at both the Flo show headlined by Jordan Burroughs vs. Zahid Valencia and the U23 freestyle finals. There was a ton of wrestling this past weekend, and unfortunately Matside could not cover it all. However, there is still a hour of wrestling content ready for consumption.

0:00 - Open
3:03 - Kollin Moore VIN over Kyven Gadson
5:36 - Kayla Miracle VPO over Ana Godinez
7:53 - Tyler Berger VPO1 over Sammy Sasso
11:01 - Alli Ragan VSU over Lauren Louive
14:39 - G'Angelo Hancock VSU over Alan Vera
17:39 - Evan Henderson VPO1 over Anthony Echemendia
22:30 - Jordan Burroughs VPO1 over Zahid Valencia
28:35 - Ramazan Attasuov VFA over Danny Vega
31:30 - Mitch McKee VSU over Michael Colaiocco
34:20 - Brock Mauller VPO1 over Dom Demas
36:25 - Will Lewan VPO1 over Kaleb Young
39:45 - Evan Wick VPO1 over Danny Braunagel
42:00 - David McFadden VPO1 over Nelson Brands
46:42 - Taylor Lujan VSU over Max Lyon
49:35 - Jake Woodley VPO1 over Jacob Warner
53:12 - Tanner Sloan VPO1 over Noah Adams
55:46 - Youssif Hemida VPO1 over Anthony Cassioppi
59:01 - Plugs and Closing


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