Junior Nationals Greco-Roman Results

Conor Knopick scores with a gut wrench on Billy Sullivan in the finals at 55 kilograms (Photo/Sam Janicki,

Placement Matches

55 kilograms:
1st: Conor Knopick (MWC Wrestling Academy) dec. Billy Sullivan (Legends of Gold Las Vegas), 12-5
3rd: Jacob Cochran (Unattached) dec. Andrew Chambal (Unattached), 6-2
5th: Eric Barnett (Wisconsin RTC) tech. Sam Smith (LaCrosse Area Wrestlers), 10-2 4:23
7th: Carter Stephenson (Black Fox Wrestling Academy) pinned Luc Valdez (Unattached), 5:59

60 kilograms:
1st: Chayse LaJoie (Spartan Combat RTC) tech. David Stepanian (NYAC), 10-2, 5:55
3rd: Keegan Slyter (Unattached) dec. Camden Russell (MWC Wrestling Academy), 8-6
5th: Jordan Hamdan (Unattached) tech. Aizayah Yacapinned (Unattached), 8-0 1:04
7th: Caleb Gross (Jackrabbit WC) dec. Christian Colman (Talents WC), 7-4

63 kilograms:
1st: Payton Jacobson (Ringers WC) dec. Logan Hatch (Greco-Roman Development), 5-3
3rd: Tarrell Wallace, Jr. (Garage Boyz Wrestling) tech. Aidan Lenz (Black Fox Wrestling Academy), 9-0 1:37
5th: Jakob Murillo (Unattached) dec. Austin Keal (Arkansas RTC), 3-1
7th: Evan Reid (Ford Dynasty Wrestling Club) inj dft Riley Palm (Dubuque WC)

67 kilograms:
1st: Dayton Porsch (Beaver WC) pinned Benjamin Peak (Sunkist Kids WC), 0:48
3rd: Aaden Valdez (La Gente WC) tech. Bobby Treshock (Curby 3 Style WC), 9-0 2:11
5th: Ian Sandoz (Unattached) pinned John Teed (Rise Wrestling), 2:43
7th: Payne Carr (Union County WC) forfeit Noah Wachsmuth (COBRA ALL-STARS / Cobra Wrestling Systems LLC)

72 kilograms:
1st: Weston Milnes (Greco-Roman Development) tech fall Robert Perez II (Greco-Roman Development), 8-0, 3:30
3rd: Alaa Elkerm (Talents WC) dec. Jacob Stefanowicz (Pennsylvania RTC), 10-6
5th: Brett Mcintosh (Wyoming Wrestling Reg Training Ctr) dec. Matthew Doyle (Burg Training Center), 8-6
7th: John Richardson (Texas Pride WC) pinned Mckay Foy (Mustang WC), 6-4 2:11

77 kilograms:
1st: Justin McCunn (Viking WC/IA) tech. Jack Ervien, Jr. (Unattached), 16-7, 4:26
3rd: Guillermo Escobedo (Wyoming Wrestling Reg Training Ctr) tech. George Moseley (Cougar WC), 13-2 4:50
5th: Tyler Scheurn (Mustang WC) inj dft Desmond Bowers (Choker Wrestling Club), 1:43
7th: Abraham Michel (Dubuque WC) pinned Jacob Inton (Ford Dynasty Wrestling Club), 5:09

82 kilograms:
1st: Jake Hendricks (Pennsylvania RTC) dec. Jacob Anderson (Avalanche Wrestling Association), 7-3
3rd: Josh Mcfarland (Unattached) pinned Kodiak Stephens (Ebbetts Pass Wrestling), 1:37
5th: Dane Harter (Unattached) tech fall Sean Michel (Interior Grappling Academy), 9-0 1:29
7th: William Smith (Unattached) forfeit Floyd Miller (Northwest Iowa WC)

87 kilograms:
1st: Jack Darrah (Xtreme Training) dec. Tyler Hannah (Dubuque WC), 4-3
3rd: Joey Braunagel (Illinois RTC/Illini WC) forfeit Callan Ivy CA (San Leandro Youth: SLY WC)
5th: Zane Davis (Arkansas RTC) dec. Koby Johnson (Unattached), 10-4
7th: Hamzah Alsaudi (Unattached) forfeit Dalton Swayze (Unattached)

97 kilograms:
1st: Isaac Trumble (Wolfpack WC) tech. Denzel Mabry (San Francisco WC), 8-0, 1:31
3rd: Sione Halo (Choker Wrestling Club) dec. Tristen Wilson (Servite High School Wrestling), 12-7
5th: Victor Vargas (Unattached) forfeit Rylan Bonds (Spartan Mat Club)

130 kilograms:
1st: Spencer Trenary (Jackrabbit WC) pinned Josiah Hill (Arkansas RTC), 0:56
3rd: Eli Pannell (Burg Training Center) pinned Justin Ramos (San Francisco WC), 4-0 0:21
5th: Apollo Gothard (Izzy Style Wrestling) dec. James Hustoles (Unattached), 5-2
7th: Caspian Grabowski (Arkansas RTC) pinned Cameron Dubose (Unattached), 8-3 5:48


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