Junior Nationals Women's Wrestling Results

Macey Kilty claimed the title at 62 kilograms with a win over Kylie Welker (Photo/Mark Lundy,

Placement Matches

50 kilograms:
1st: Emily Shilson (TMWC/Twin Cities RTC) dec. Salyna Shotwell (Ford Dynasty Wrestling Club), 4-2
3rd: Ava Bayless (Wyoming Seminary) pinned Ashley Gooman (Warrior WC), 1:53
5th: Samara Chavez (Spartan Mat Club) pinned Anja Tschohl (Colorado Mesa WC), 2:03
7th: Sydney Petzinger (Unattached) pinned Emma Cochran (Grand View WC), 5:51

53 kilograms:
1st: Tiare Ikei (TMWC) tech. Felicity Taylor (McKendree Bearcat WC), 12-1, 4:02
3rd: Alleida Martinez (TMWC) dec. Marissa Gallegos (Colorado Mesa WC), 3-2
5th: Alisha Howk (Sunkist Kids WC) dec. Sophia Mirabella (Team Tornado WC), 4-2
7th: Melanie Mendoza (Team Tornado WC) pinned Emalie Olson (Greater Heights Wrestling), 0:39

55 kilograms:
1st: Nanea Estrella (American Falls WC) tech. Vayle Baker (Twin Cities RTC), 11-0, 4:48
3rd: Isabella Amaro (All-Phase WC) tech. Asia Nguyen-Smith (Cardinal WC), 10-0 2:42
5th: Claire Dicugno (Takedown Express WC) pinned Ngao Shoua Whitethorn (Twin Cities RTC), 2:08
7th: Grace Pauls (Unattached) pinned Nanen Aguilar CO (Colorado Mesa WC), 1:18

57 kilograms:
1st: Cameron Guerin (TMWC) dec. Xochitl Mota-Pettis (Rise RTC), 8-3
3rd: Emily Se (Lion WC) pinned Mia Macaluso (Unattached), 12-6 3:19
5th: Karoline Ortiz (Missouri Baptist WC) dec.Tatum Pine (Choker Wrestling Club), 6-0
7th: Mea Mohler (Spartan Mat Club) tech. Jamae Barnes (Colorado Mesa WC), 10-0 1:05

59 kilograms:
1st: Gracie Figueroa (TMWC) dec. Michaela Beck (Sunkist Kids), 4-2
3rd: Jordan Suarez (Texas Panhandle WC) dec. Tiera Jimerson (Northview High School Wrestling), 5-0
5th: Phoenix Dubose (Team Tornado WC) dec. Paige Respicio (Warrior WC), 3-0
7th: Waipuilani Estrella-Beauchamp (Warrior WC) tech. Amor Tuttle MN (Twin Cities RTC), 12-1, 3:22

62 kilograms:
1st: Macey Kilty (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Academy) dec. Kylie Welker (Higher Level Wrestling), 8-2
3rd: Chloe Ogden (Lake Highland Prep) dec. Kendall Bostelman (Wyoming Seminary), 13-4
5th: Emmily Patneaud (McKendree Bearcat WC) dec. Liana Souza (Unattached), 11-4
7th: Sara Schmoker (Lions WC) pinned Julia Padilla (Lion WC), 5:07

65 kilograms:
1st: Marisol Nugent (Lehigh Valley WC) tech. Katerina Lange (Twin Cities RTC), 14-3, 2:09
3rd: Brianna Csontos (TMWC) pinned Viktorya Torres (Team Tornado WC), 2:16
5th: Piper Staniford (Wyoming Seminary) tech fall Ellisa Jimenez (TMWC), 11-0 1:33
7th: Emma Cole (Unattached) pinned Madeline Frick (Colorado Mesa WC), 0:46

68 kilograms:
1st: Alexis Gomez (Grand View WC)
2nd: Leilani Hernandez (Texas Pride WC)
3rd: Aaliyah Fisher (Bronco WC)
4th: Julia Lhotellier (Lion WC)
5th: Jacqueline Carreras (Bronco WC)

Round robin results
Fisher dec. Lhotellier, 6-6
Gomez tech Carreras, 10-0 0:23
Hernandez pinned Fisher, 2:05
Lhotellier pinned Carreras, 1:16
Hernandez pinned Carreras, 0:14
Gomez tech Lhotellier, 10-0, 0:54
Gomez tech. Hernandez, 11-0, 1:35
Fisher tech. Carreras, 10-0, 0:37
Hernandez tech. Lhotellier, 10-0, 1:08
Gomez tech Fisher, 10-0, 1:20

72 kilograms:
1st: Kennedy Blades (Wyoming Seminary) tech. Joye Levendusky (McKendree Bearcat WC), 11-0, 4:21
3rd: Marlynne Deede (Twin Cities RTC) dec. Gianna Anaya (Lion WC), 7-2
5th: Caylee Collins (Colorado Mesa WC) dec. Destynie Pacheco (Twin Cities RTC), 5-2
7th: Jordan Roberts (Missouri Baptist WC) pinned Kennadee Vaughn (Bronco WC), 2:30

76 kilograms:
1st: Tristan Kelly (Colorado Mesa WC) tech. Yelena Makoyed (Cardinal WC), 10-0, 1:42
3rd: Brittyn Corbishley (Spartan Mat Club) pinned Kaylynn Albrecht (Unattached), 1:51
5th: Anastasia Hardin (Unattached) dec. Kamilla Montenegro (Choker Wrestling Club), 10-8


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