Gable to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Dan Gable (right) with wife Kathy (Photo/Mark Lundy,

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame and National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum are excited to announce that Dan Gable will be receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Established by President John F. Kennedy in 1963, the Presidential Medal of Freedom is the nation's highest honor for a civilian. It is awarded by the President of the United States to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the security or national interests of America, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.

Past recipients have been movers and shakers in a range of fields, including public service, medicine, journalism, entertainment, and business. The impressive list of past honorees includes Steven Spielberg, Muhammad Ali, Angela Merkel, Nancy Reagan, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

"To get an award like this, it's a lifetime achievement award, not only for what you did, but for what you continue to do," said Gable.

The namesake of the Dan Gable Museum in his hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, Gable was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame as a Distinguished Member in 1980 and into the Dan Gable Museum's Glen Brand Wrestling Hall of Fame of Iowa in the Charter Class of 2002. He is also a member of the World Wrestling Hall of Fame, the USA Wrestling Hall of Fame, and the United States Olympic Hall of Fame.

Gable was a three-time Iowa state high school champion for Waterloo West and a two-time NCAA champion and three-time finalist for Iowa State. He had a combined record of 181-1 in his prep and college career, losing only in the 1970 NCAA finals. Gable won the Pan American Games and the world championships in 1971 and the Tblisi Tournament and the Olympics in 1972. He did not surrender a single point in his six matches at the Olympics and was named the Outstanding Wrestler at the Tblisi Tournament, considered by many to be the toughest tournament in the world.

After stepping off the mat, Gable became the most successful coach in NCAA history, coaching the University of Iowa from 1978 to 1997. He led the Hawkeyes to 21-straight Big Ten titles and 15 NCAA team championships, including a record nine in a row from 1978 to 1986. Gable coached 152 All-Americans, 46 national champions and 12 Olympians, who combined to win eight medals (four gold, one silver and three bronze).

Other athletes who have received the Presidential Medal of Freedom include Tiger Woods, Jesse Owens, Billie Jean King, Michael Jordan, and Babe Ruth.

National Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum
America's shrine to the sport of wrestling, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum was founded as a nonprofit organization in 1976 to honor the sport of wrestling, preserve its history, recognize extraordinary individual achievements, and inspire future generations. The National Wrestling Hall of Fame has museums in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and Waterloo, Iowa. The Stillwater, Oklahoma, location reopened in June 2016 following a $3.8 million renovation while the Waterloo, Iowa, location reopened in March 2019 after undergoing a $1.4 million renovation. Both museums now feature interactive exhibits and electronic kiosks, as well as the opportunity to watch NCAA Championship matches from the 1930s to present day. Stillwater also has the John T. Vaughan Hall of Honors where the greatest names in wrestling are recognized, including iconic granite plaques presented to Distinguished Members since the Hall of Fame opened in 1976. The museum has the largest collection of wrestling artifacts and memorabilia in the world, including the most collegiate and Olympic wrestling uniforms. Wrestling truly is for everyone and the diversity and accessibility of the sport continues to be highlighted through exhibits featuring females, African-Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Latino Americans. There is also a library featuring historical documents, including NCAA guides and results, as well as books on the sport.

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ban basketball (1) about 2 weeks ago
Seeing him last night at the Super Spreader Tweety Tyranny rally was the final nail in the coffin of respeck that I had left for him. What a whorish way to get this medal.
RIhawk (2) about 2 weeks ago
Never thought that I would see the day that Dan Gable of all people would allow himself to become a POLITICAL SHILL ! Very disappointing to say the least.
poliseo (1) about 2 weeks ago
Shame on banbasketball and Rlhawk for bringing your vile leftist bias to an article about an icon in the sport we love. Because Trump is the one who recognized that Gable deserves this award it irks you? Go get some professional help. Did Obama recognize Gable's accomplishment? Would that senile old fool, Biden? Give me a break - go back to CNN.
ban basketball (1) about 2 weeks ago
Disinfectant! Deep State! Pizzagate! Suckers and Losers! Mock the Disabled! Good people on both sides! Coup! It'll disappear! Labor force participation rate! "presidential" harassment! QAnon! Proud boys!
ban basketball (1) about 2 weeks ago
Oh, by the way: save us the phony outrage, Adolf. Obama wiretapped Tweety Tower!
poliseo (1) about 2 weeks ago
So your hatred for one man "Trumps" your support for such genius ideology as: abolish ICE, open borders, free healthcare for ILLEGAL aliens, late-term abortions, defund the police, reparations, and the green new deal. Your mommy must be so proud! You are so woke! Dumb like a rock, but woke. I stand by my original post. Take your vile hatred and go to a political website - progressive trash.
ban basketball (1) about 2 weeks ago
I don't vote in partisan offices nor support this charade that we call a "political system," so the fantasies with which you refer to are nothing I'd know anything about.

Now, with that said: Hunter Biden! Solyndra! The Squad! Mobs! Ebola! Benghazi! And, my all-time favorite fusion at the time, Ebolaghazi!
RIhawk (1) about 2 weeks ago
Sorry to offend you ! Mr Gabel is free to support whom ever he wants. I just believe wrestling would be better off by staying A political. Getting in close with politicians and money groups etc. will not be good for our sport in the long term. Take the NCAA for example. What good do they provide ? PS. Mr Gable deserves the award