Colon vs. Gross is third bout announced for Beat the Streets event on Sept. 17

Beat the Streets in New York City announced its third live wrestling matchup as part of its annual fundraising event on Thursday, September 17, which will be broadcast in partnership with FloWrestling.

2018 World bronze medalist Joe Colon will battle NCAA champion Seth Gross in a highly-anticipated men's freestyle match on the Beat the Streets card.

Colon won a bronze medal at the 2018 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. He won Pan American Championships titles in 2018 and 2019. Colon was an NCAA All-American for Northern Iowa and was an NJCAA national champion for Iowa Central.

Gross won an NCAA title for South Dakota State in 2018 and was a 2017 NCAA runner-up. He transferred to Wisconsin, where he was third in the Big Ten going into the 2020 NCAA Championships, which was cancelled due to COVID-19. Gross won the 2019 Bill Farrell International, which has qualified him for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials.

Earlier this month, Beat the Streets announced that it would conduct its annual fundraising event as a Virtual Telethon. The live matches will be held outdoors with no fans in an undisclosed location somewhere in the Tri-State area. The matches will be held with the safety of the participants as the first priority, following state and local health and government restrictions as well as the USA Wrestling Return to Events Guidelines.

As part of its partnership with Beat the Streets this year, FloWrestling will produce both portions of the Beat the Streets fundraiser this year. The Virtual Telethon will be free to view, and include live and recorded content as part of the fundraising celebration. The Virtual Telethon will have a variety of different features including prominent athletes, coaches and celebrities. Fans will need a FloPro subscription to view the live matches.

Beat the Streets Live Matches announced so far
Vitali Arujau vs. Jack Mueller, men's freestyle
Gable Steveson vs. Trent Hillger, men's freestyle
Joe Colon vs. Seth Gross, men's freestyle

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ban basketball (1) about 3 weeks ago
Not ENTIRELY my man any longer, as he's no longer with the Panther wrestling club, but loyalty to a panther will always run deep for me. However, my man, Colon, has already shelled Gross before, so this should be another case of that.
orsoleads (1) about 2 weeks ago
Great post! Although we're in Los Angeles, we're excited to air the matches in our car detailing shop!

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