Ethan Kyle leaving Wyoming staff to head coach at Stillwater High

Ethan Kyle, the Cowboy wrestler who later became a Cowboy coach at another school will now coach the Pioneers at Stillwater High School in Oklahoma.

Ethan Kyle
Kyle, who once wrestled for the Oklahoma State Cowboys then served as associate wrestling coach of the University of Wyoming Cowboys for the past decade or so, is now taking the head coaching job of the Stillwater High School wrestling program in the same town where he spent his college years in the mid-2000s.

The high school in Stillwater, Okla. announced earlier this week that it had hired Ethan Kyle to be its head wrestling coach.

A native of St. Charles, Missouri, Kyle wrestled for Oklahoma State from 2003-07 while Branch was an assistant coach there. Kyle was a member of OSU's four national championship teams from 2003-06.

When Branch was hired as the 14th head coach in University of Wyoming program history, it didn't take long to recruit Kyle to the state university in the capital city of Laramie, Wyoming, a decision Coach Branch has never regretted.

"He's definitely been a guy I've leaned on a lot through the years," UW head coach Mark Branch told, "and he's kind of been a staple."

"He was one of the first guys that came to my mind as somebody that I could utilize and help me build this program," Branch said. "He followed me out here after my first year. Ethan's just a smart guy and a great wrestling technician, and a guy I could trust and rely on. He's always been very loyal and very responsible and trustworthy, and I knew he didn't really have any coaching experience, but I knew that he was going to develop into a great coach.

"He's obviously going to be sorely missed here, not only by the guys on our team, but our coaching staff, as well."

"He had an opportunity and felt like the timing was as good as it was going to get, and I don't think it was an easy decision for him," Branch added. "He has a lot of love for Stillwater, Oklahoma, and that was one of the things he told me right away, He said, 'I love Stillwater, and if there's one place that I could pick to live, Stillwater's one of those places.'

"He still has a lot of teammates and friends back in that area, so it's not like he's just jumping ship to something unfamiliar. He's very familiar with that program and the resources and the things that are surrounding that program."

As of this week, Wyoming head coach Mark Branch has yet to fill the opening made by the departure of Ethan Kyle. However, Branch hopes to find the right replacement for Kyle early this summer.


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