Wisconsin Regional Training Center extends Askren's contract

Ben Askren before his Beat the Streets match against Jordan Burroughs in 2019 (Photo/Tony Rotundo,

The Wisconsin Regional Training Center is proud to announce that they are extending the contract of Ben Askren as the Regional Training Center Coach. Askren joined the RTC staff in 2018.

Sean Smalley, Executive Director of the WRTC said, "It's a no brainer. Ben brings a wealth of knowledge, not only on the mat, but also on the fundraising effort for the Wisconsin RTC. He has been very instrumental in helping us grow the RTC throughout Wisconsin.

Askren's wrestling and coaching credentials show his knowledge and ability to develop wrestlers of all ages. "The RTC is so instrumental for those who have aspirations of reaching their goals. It's my goal to see individuals from Wisconsin improve and reach their goal of winning National Titles, World Titles and Olympic Gold" said Askren.

​Over the past two years, the Wisconsin Regional Training Center has seen participation numbers grow. Chris Bono said, "With Ben at the helm, we've seen our numbers at practices go from 5 to over 50. We've also seen our senior level athletes make successful strides this past year as they work towards qualifying for the Olympic team."

​During Askren's short tenure as the head coach of the WRTC, we've seen three (two males, one female) wrestlers qualify for the Olympic Trials. "This is just the beginning and I'm extremely excited to see what Ben can do in the future and can't wait to see all the Gold medals we can bring back to Wisconsin" said Smalley.


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