UTC organizes old-school wrestling online watch party

Hungry to watch some college wrestling in the off-season? Feeling housebound because of the COVID-19 quarantine? University of Tennessee-Chattanooga wrestling has just what you're looking for: old-school wrestling films available for your viewing pleasure ... this Thursday, April 29 at 8 p.m. Eastern at

If that weren't fun on its own, how about this: You can help UTC Moc wrestling identify some of the unidentified wrestlers on the film. Here's the story: "Earlier this year, we digitized a number of old 8MM and 16MM film cannisters from our archives. Most of the cans were old football games, but there was a handful that were unmarked and a mystery to us.

"When we the digital copies were returned, we were surprised to see a few of the cans were old wrestling footage. There are some we can figure out, but most we don't know who is wrestling or when the match occurred."

(The UTC MocsVision crew encourages wrestling fans to "speak up" during the show if you know who is competing.)

"We thought we could use them somewhere down the road, but had no idea that fans would soon be starving for Mocs action due to the COVID-19 pandemic."

All that restored film has added up to enough footage for four of these UTC Old-School Wrestling Watch Party sessions. According to UTC wrestling, this first edition includes footage from the 1977 NCAA Division II National Championship, and "we also think there are some matches from the 1979 Midlands Tournament. All totaled, about 35 minutes of action."

Now you can't say, "There's nothing to watch tonight ..."


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