California state champ Sparks commits to Minnesota

Andrew Sparks defeated Cael Valencia to win the state title at 160 pounds (Photo/Tony Rotundo,

California state champion Andrew Sparks will be heading to the University of Minnesota.

The Calvary Chapel (Calif) senior announced his commitment to Minnesota Monday night on Instagram.

Sparks knocked off previous No. 2 Cael Valencia (St. John Bosco) to win a state championship at 160 pounds. He won a title at Battle for the Belt and placed third at the Doc Buchanan. Sparks finished the season ranked No. 11 nationally at 160 pounds.


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ban basketball (2) about 8 months ago
"Cael Valencia"

Just like the first name Gable, and other than no one, did anyone in the world name their sons Cael, with the same spelling, before Cael Sanderson? I always kind of feel for such kids as, from birth, they were essentially relegated to having to be wrestlers.

A tad bit sad to me.
tonyrotundo (1) about 8 months ago
My friend (RIP) named his daughter Cael as an homage to Cael Sanderson. Not sure what your "tad sad" point is.
Teatpuller (1) about 8 months ago
Hmmmmmmm, thought the article was about Andrew's commitment to the Gophers? Congrats Andrew and the U of M!
Barrysparks329 (3) about 8 months ago
I am proud of you son. You a great wrestler, but more importantly, you are a man after Gods own heart. Stay humble.
ban basketball (1) about 8 months ago

My comment would be much less about your friend, but the "tad bit sad" is as I said: by naming a child Cael or Gable you're basically, from the get-go, telling the kid that he/she is going to be a wrestler and almost leaving no choice to decide for themselves what he/she would like to do, as I did with my two sons.

As it turns out, every Cael, possibly outside of your friend's daughter, and Gable ended guessed it...being wrestlers!