A Hall-of-Fame-worthy list of wrestling readables

We all say, "I need to be reading more." Now you can do something about that. With the abrupt ending of the college wrestling season, picking up a good book about our favorite sport makes sense right now.

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame has put together a quick list of great books you'll want to read:

The History of Collegiate Wrestling: A Century of Wrestling Excellence is a "must have" for every college wrestling fan that allows readers to experience and relive the glory of college wrestling through stunning photographs and timeless stories. To order, click here.

Family Ties: An American Wrestling Tradition documents 138 families that meet an established criterion: immediate family members who were NCAA Division I All-Americans, Senior World Team members, or Olympic Team members. Each chapter provides insight into wrestling as it relates to family and some of the most familiar names in our sport are featured, including Brands, Carr, Cuestas, Peery, Peterson, Sanderson and Smith. To order, click here.

The Wrestling Presidents from Pins to Patriots features 13 United States Presidents - Washington, John Adams, Jackson, Taylor, Pierce, Lincoln, Garfield, Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, Coolidge, and Eisenhower - who wrestled. Learn how wrestling played a role in each of their lives, with a special focus on their great or not so great grappling exploits. To order, click here.

The Wrestling Techniques Handbook by Tadaaki Hatta illustrates moves for wrestlers and coaches. To order, click here.

Brisco: The Life and Times of National Collegiate and World Heavyweight Champion Jack Brisco as told to William Murdock tells the life story of Jack Brisco, three-time Oklahoma high school state wrestling champ who then continued his amateur wrestling career at Oklahoma State (becoming an NCAA champ) before making a name for himself as a professional wrestler. To order, click here.


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