Ohio State trustees take step towards settling with Strauss victims

Nearly two years after the first victims of former Ohio State team physician Richard Strauss came forward -- and decades after the reported sexual assaults took place -- the Columbus-based school's trustees took a critical step to resolving the matter once and for all.

On Thursday, the Ohio State trustees passed a resolution authorizing the board chairman to approve a settlement with Strauss' victims.

"The resolution puts the university in a position to expedite a settlement and suggests the parties could be nearing an agreement," the Columbus Dispatch reported Thursday.

Dr. Richard Strauss served as team physician at Ohio State from the mid-1970s through the late 1990s. Allegations of sexual misconduct against male athletes in nearly a dozen sports, including wrestling, were first made public in April 2018 ... with the first lawsuit being filed in July of that year. In subsequent years, nearly a dozen suits have been filed, involving more than one hundred plaintiffs, most of them past Buckeye athletes, but also involving at least one college wrestling referee who alleged that Strauss had masturbated in front of the mat official in the shower room at St. John Arena on the Ohio State campus in 1994.

On a parallel track, the Ohio House of Representatives is discussing a bill to eliminate the statute of limitations for victims of sexual assault -- including Strauss' victims -- so that they may sue for damages.

Strauss died in 2005.


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