SDSU defeats Fresno State, extends winning streak to 4

South Dakota State wrestlers Zach Carlson and Tanner Sloan each won by major decision and the Jackrabbits picked up a pair of forfeits to defeat Fresno State, 26-12, in a Big 12 Conference dual Saturday night at Frost Arena.

In winning their fourth dual in a row, the Jackrabbits improved to 11-5 overall and 6-2 in Big 12 action. Fresno State dropped to 9-9 overall and 4-3 against league foes.

The Bulldogs forfeited at 125 and 149 pounds, allowing SDSU to build a 15-3 lead through four matches. Clay Carlson posted a 7-3 decision over Gary Joint in the 141-pound bout for the lone Jackrabbit victory in a contested match in the early going.

Coming out of the intermission, Tanner Cook continued his winning ways at 165 pounds by notching an 18-12 decision over Adam Kemp. Cook scored takedowns on a pair of throws in the first period and followed each with four-point near-falls for a 12-2 first-period lead. Kemp countered with two takedowns in each of the next two periods, but Cook found enough offense down the stretch to hold on for his 16th win of the season.

The major decisions by Zach Carlson and Sloan came in consecutive matches. Carlson, ranked 17th at 184 pounds, got out to an early lead in his match against Hunter Cruz with a takedown and two-point near-fall before pouring it on in the third period with a takedown and four-point near-fall en route to a 16-2 victory.

Sloan racked up more than five minutes of riding time in his 9-0 win over Dominic Kincaid. The 19th-ranked Sloan recorded a first-period takedown and later upped his lead to 4-0 with a reversal early in the second period. He notched another takedown off a neutral start in the third period and picked up two additional points when Kincaid was penalized for stalling.

Fresno State got on the board as Lawrence Saenz scored a 7-2 decision over Zach Price in the 133-pound matchup. The Bulldogs closed to within 18-9 after wins by Jacob Wright at 157 pounds and Jackson Hemauer at 174 pounds. Wright needed overtime to down Peyton Smith, 9-3, turning a takedown in the extra session into a four-point near-fall.

Josh Hokit, ranked 11th at heavyweight, closed the dual with a 5-2 decision over Blake Wolters.

The Jackrabbits close out the weekend by hosting Stanford Sunday night at Frost Arena. Start time is set for 6 p.m.

125: #24 Danny Vega (SDSU) won by forfeit
133: Lawrence Saenz (FSU) dec. Zach Price (SDSU), 7-2
141: Clay Carlson (SDSU) dec. Gary Joint (FSU), 7-3
149: #10 Henry Pohlmeyer (SDSU) won by forfeit
157: Jacob Wright (FSU) dec. Peyton Smith (SDSU), 9-3 [SV-1]
165: #25 Tanner Cook (SDSU) dec. Adam Kemp (FSU), 18-12
174: Jackson Hemauer (FSU) dec. Kelby Hawkins (SDSU), 6-0
184: #17 Zach Carlson (SDSU) major dec. Hunter Cruz (FSU), 16-2
197: #19 Tanner Sloan (SDSU) major dec. Dominic Kincaid (FSU), 9-0
285: #11 Josh Hokit (FSU) dec. Blake Wolters (SDSU), 5-2

  • The all-time series is tied at 1-1
  • SDSU improved to 30-12 in Big 12 duals since joining the conference at the start of the 2015-16 season
  • The Jackrabbits improved to 3-2 in home duals this season
  • Each of Zach Carlson's last four dual victories have resulted in bonus points - three technical falls and a major decision
  • Zach Carlson upped his team-leading dual record to 13-3 and his overall mark to 21-5
  • Sloan and Vega each improved to 11-3 in duals this season, while Cook and Pohlmeyer both ended the night 10-2 in duals
  • Attendance was 854
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