Two-time world champ Cox announces he will make Olympic run at 97 kilograms

J'den Cox at the 2019 World Championships (Photo/Tony Rotundo,

After much speculation, two-time world champion J'den Cox has announced his weight class for his 2020 Olympic run.

Cox, who competed in the non-Olympic weight class of 92 kilograms, told USA Wrestling's Taylor Miller that he will be moving up to 97 kilograms, where he will have to go through Olympic champion and two-time world champion Kyle Snyder.

"I want to live a tested life," Cox said. "This is part of my test. My goal is to reach my full potential. I believe 97 is where I'm finally going to reach it, or find it, or get closer to achieving that. But I'm excited. I think the world should be too."

Watch the full interview below.


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