Russia banned from 2020 Olympics

Russia has been banned from the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) unanimously agreed to ban Russia from major international competitions for four years over doping non-compliance.

That ban includes the 2020 Summer Olympics, 2022 Winter Olympics, World Cup, as well as other major international sporting events. Russia's flag and national anthem have also been banned from international events for four years.

WADA's president Craig Reedie said, "For too long, Russian doping has detracted from clean sport. Russia was afforded every opportunity to get its house in order and re-join the global anti-doping community for the good of its athletes and of the integrity of sport, but it chose instead to continue in its stance of deception and denial."

Russian athletes could still compete international events, including the Olympics, without their flag or anthem if they are able to provide evidence they are clean.

Russia's anti-doping agency can appeal the decision within 21 days, but the head of Russia's anti-doping agency believes the decision is final.

"There is no chance of winning this case in court," said Ganus.


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