Quarterfinals set at Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational

Top-ranked Kollin Moore of Ohio State reached the quarterfinals at 197 pounds (Photo/Sam Janicki,

LAS VEGAS -- The quarterfinals are set at the Cliff Keen Las Vegas Invitational. Nebraska has the most quarterfinalists with 10, one in every weight class. Arizona State and Iowa State both have seven. Thee-time defending CKLV Invitational champion Ohio State has six, as does Purdue.

Northern Iowa leads the team race by 1.5 points over Nebraska. The Panthers have four quarterfinalists.

Team Standings (Top 10):
1. Northern Iowa 32.5
2. Nebraska 31
3. Oklahoma 30
4. Arizona State 28
4. Minnesota 28
6. NC State 27.5
7. Ohio State 27
8. Cornell 25
9. Purdue 23
10. Virginia 22.5

View tonight's quarterfinal matchups below.

Note: InterMat ranking listed, not tournament seed.

No. 2 Jack Mueller (Virginia) vs. Patrick McKee (Minnesota)
Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern) vs. Jack Medley (Michigan)
No. 9 Devin Schroeder (Purdue) vs. No. 19 Brandon Courtney (Arizona State)
No. 6 Alex Mackall (Iowa State) vs. Alex Thomsen (Nebraska)

No. 7 Chas Tucker (Cornell) vs. Collin Gerardi (Virginia Tech)
No. 13 Jarrett Trombley (NC State) vs. Dylan Koontz (Ohio State)
Louie Hayes (Virginia) vs. Ridge Lovett (Nebraska)
No. 8 Montorie Bridges (Wyoming) vs. No. 20 Tim Rooney (Kent State)

No. 1 Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) vs. Cole Mattin (Michigan)
No. 6 Chad Red (Nebraska) vs. No. 12 Tariq Wilson (NC State)
No. 4 Mitch McKee (Minnesota) vs. No. 13 Ian Parker (Iowa State)
No. 2 Dom Demas (Oklahoma) vs. No. 18 Mitch Moore (Virginia Tech)

No. 5 Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa) vs. No. 19 Yahya Thomas (Northwestern)
No. 8 Brock Zacherl (Clarion) vs. No. 9 Brayton Lee (Minnesota)
No. 7 Griffin Parriott (Purdue) vs. No. 12 Sammy Sasso (Ohio State)
No. 6 Jarrett Degen (Iowa State) vs. No. 13 Collin Purinton (Nebraska)

No. 1 Hayden Hidlay (NC State) vs. Peyton Robb (Nebraska)
No. 8 Kendall Coleman (Purdue) vs. Justin McCoy (Virginia)
No. 3 David Carr (Iowa State) vs. No. 14 Justin Thomas (Oklahoma)
No. 2 Ryan Deakin (Northwestern) vs. Jacori Teemer (Arizona State)

No. 4 Isaiah White (Nebraska) vs. Bailee O'Reilly (Minnesota)
No. 12 Ethan Smith (Ohio State) vs. No. 13 Thomas Bullard (NC State)
No. 8 Andrew Fogarty (North Dakota State) vs. No. 14 Phillip Conigliaro (Harvard)
No. 5 Josh Shields (Arizona State) vs. Emil Soehnlen (Purdue)

No. 4 Bryce Steiert (Northern Iowa) vs. No. 16 Jackson Hemauer (Fresno State)
No. 8 Anthony Valencia (Arizona State) vs. Marcus Coleman (Iowa State)
No. 7 Dylan Lydy (Purdue) vs. Anthony Mantanona (Oklahoma)
No. 5 Mikey Labriola (Nebraska) vs. No. 14 Kaleb Romero (Ohio State)

No. 1 Zahid Valencia (Arizona State) vs. No. 11 Sammy Colbray (Iowa State)
No. 5 Lou DePrez (Binghamton) vs. No. 6 Taylor Venz (Nebraska)
No. 4 Trent Hidlay (NC State) vs. No. 19 Owen Webster (Minnesota)
No. 3 Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa) vs. No. 9 Hunter Bolen (Virginia Tech)

No. 1 Kollin Moore (Ohio State) vs. No. 19 Kordell Norfleet (Arizona State)
No. 10 Eric Shultz (Nebraska) vs. No. 12 Thomas Lane (Cal Poly)
No. 8 Tanner Sloan (South Dakota State) vs. No. 16 Jake Woodley (Oklahoma)
No. 7 Jay Aiello (Virginia) vs. No. 17 Christian Brunner (Purdue)

No. 2 Mason Parris (Michigan) vs. No. 20 Carter Isley (Northern Iowa)
No. 13 Christian Lance (Nebraska) vs. Randy Gonzalez (Fresno State)
No. 6 Tanner Hall (Arizona State) vs. No. 14 Brian Andrews (Wyoming)
No. 5 Tate Orndorff (Utah Valley) vs. No. 16 Gannon Gremmel (Iowa State)


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