Foley's Friday Mailbag: November 15, 2019

With impeachment proceedings against the president in full swing at the House of Representatives, the often-hidden shenanigans of some congressmen have been well-televised and left some wrestlers to ponder if there is any intellectual, political, social, value, or diversity of opinion among the leaders in the sport.

With memes abound depicting the tirades of a few, it can feel like wrestling is siloed, destined to be a sport that graduates aggression before tactic. And it's true that for the past 20 years the wrestlers climbing to the top of the political junk heap have tended to be hyper-conservative and not altogether that compassionate, thoughtful, or jacket-wearing.

But it wasn't always that way.

Before since-disgraced former Speaker of the House Denny Hastert was elected to his vaunted title in 1999, the most well-known wrestler-turned-politician was something of a people's warrior. A champion of equality, someone with a fire in his belly, not for support of the gun lobby or oil companies, but for people. The middle class. You. Me. A politician who was simultaneously recognized for his once-adept physical combativeness, but also his ever-present compassion and thoughtfulness.

Paul Wellstone was raised in Arlington, Virginia, and wrestled on scholarship for the University of North Carolina in the mid 1960's. After earning his B.A. and ACC Conference title, Wellstone went on to earn his Ph.D., From there he moved to Minnesota with his wife to teach and start a family.

From the time he arrived at Carleton College, Wellstone was a dogged advocate for workers' rights. He was known to support picketing staff and rally local labor unions. Largely on the back of the energy he created in supporting these issues, he ran for U.S. Senate in 1990 as a member of the (I kid you not) Democratic-Farmer-Labor party.

Wellstone would go on to win the race, and then reelection in 1996. He became a powerful voice in Washington, never backing down from a confrontation. In one instance he broke protocol when visiting George H.W. Bush at the White House and confronted him about the U.S. involvement in the first Iraq War. He often called himself the "Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party."

In 2000 he was asked by a friend to explore running for president, but after a series of early tours pulled his name from consideration. At the time he cited an old college wrestling injury that had given him severe back discomfort, but later it was revealed he had Multiple Sclerosis.

The Wellstone story ends in 2002 when along with his wife and one of his children, he died in a plane crash while headed to the funeral of a local union organizer. The crash happened only a few weeks before what was likely to be Wellstone's election to a third term in the U.S. Senate.

What separated Wellstone from so many of his colleagues was an unflappable determination to fight for what was right for all people. He opposed NAFTA and ANWR, fought special interests, and was the only Senator in a tight re-election campaign to vote against the resolution to go to war in Iraq. Wellstone was convinced that Big Oil, Pharma, and the Gun Lobby had someone fighting for them. His role was to fight for the rest of the country.

Wellstone left a legacy of thoughtfulness that resonated at his funeral. During his eulogy Sen. Tom Harkin said of Wellstone, "He may have had a bad back, but he had a spine of steel."

A wrestler's grit. An unconquerable desire to protect and advocate for those in need. A spine of steel. Wellstone is every wrestler's best representation of what we can be as leaders. The fight for the people and passion with good intention, devoid of the chicanery and two-bit histrionics of today's most powerful former wrestlers in politics.

Victories on the mat should never give license to a leader to flex muscles and scream wildly in the berating of others. Toughness learned in our sport should be deployed in the defense of those who need a megaphone on the national stage -- never as the bully, but always with passion.

And nobody advocated for the less fortunate better than the late Senator Paul Wellstone.

To your questions …

Anthony Echemendia after winning a Fargo title in freestyle (Photo/John Sachs,

Q: What are your thoughts on Anthony Echemendia committing to Ohio State? He has limited folkstyle experience but is very good in freestyle and Greco. Have you watched him much? What kind of college career do you think he will have if he suits up for the Buckeyes?
-- Mike C.

Foley: I've only seen a few of the matches. Given the excitement of the Division I coaches I tend to think there is a huge potential. When you can throw anyone you want on their head, but you can also defend your legs there isn't much reason to think collegiate success is out of reach.

The one concern for international wrestlers making the switch from freestyle is the transition to the mat. If you look at Muzaffar Abdurakhmanov he cut a similar path as Echemendia, getting only a few years of mat experience at the JUCO level before testing it out at the Division I level. Overall he performed very well, though the issues on the mat probably kept him off the top of the podium.

Echemendia is in a great position at Ohio State. J Jaggers will take responsibility for teaching him how to ride and how to avoid being ridden. Tom Ryan will provide the direction he needs to stay focused off the mat and make large goals for his career.

I'm guessing that if all else goes well he could win an NCAA title before he graduates at Ohio State.

Q: Bo Nickal plans to open an MMA gym and to compete in MMA. Do you think he will be as successful in MMA as other wrestlers have been?
-- Gregg Y.

Foley: Yes. Bo Nickal announced he was opening an American Top Team affiliate in State College and was going to run a wrestling team out of the space, too. The Marcelo Garcia black belt in me is excited, since he'll be an Alliance competitor should he go into jiu-jitsu. The business brain in me is also very excited for him, since opening a BJJ school in a wrestling-rich area like State College is sure to draw big, big numbers. And the MMA fan in me is excited because I think he will be a top-flight competitor.

Will he be successful? Probably very successful, but these things take YEARS to happen. Look at how many of our sport's top stars are still grinding away, toiling to make it onto main cards. There are some very obvious success stories, but often it seems to take as much luck and marketing as it does in-the-cage competence.

Overall, a very good business idea. Will be interested to see it develop!

Q: Who are your top three women's wrestlers heading into 2020?
-- @EricOlanowski

Yui Susaki won her first senior world title in 2017 at the age of 18 (Photo/Tony Rotundo,

Foley: The best wrestler in the world is probably Yui Susaki (Japan) who has yet to secure her place on the Japanese roster or qualify her weight category for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. If Yui can beat her in-country opponents it seems inevitable that she'll win the 2020 Games with little outside challenge.

In terms of results, Adeline Gray (USA) is almost without peer. She's won the last two world championships after sitting out in 2017. And while her lackluster outing at the Rio Games was disappointing, it seemed that her mental lapses have mostly been corrected. She's beaten the best competition in the world again and again.

If anyone would challenge Gray for pound-for-pound No. 1, it's defending Olympic champion and three-time world champion Risako Kawai whose only losses in recent years came to four-time Olympic champion Kaori Icho and a since-suspended Orkhon Purvedorj who tested positive immediately following her victory over Kawai at the 2018 Asian Games.

What's so compelling about the women's side of the sport is the constant expansion of the sport into new territories, some of which haven't seen prior success in men's wrestling. The stars of the sport are coming from Mongolia, India, Nigeria, and Kyrgyzstan -- nations where options for women are limited and the sport can provide upward social mobility.

To me it's almost certain that the biggest wrestling story of the 2020 Olympics will be a woman and that will help our sport continue to grow through even more opportunities for women in even more wrestling-interested nations.


Remembering Paul Wellstone

Highlights of women's wrestling at the 2019 World Championships

Ismail Musukaev!

Q: What excites you most about the Bill Farrell Memorial this weekend? Any potential matchups you're excited to see?
-- Mike C.

Foley: Honestly, the fact I only have to travel a few stops on the subway and that I can bring my daughter to the action. The weight classes are pretty loaded for a Bill Farrell tournament and I wonder what it will feel like to see Snyder wrestling in an NLWC singlet and being cornered by Cael Sanderson.

Also, Vicky Anthony moved to Canada for her training, so I'm interested if that switch has helped her development. It's only been a short time, but her locking into a solid training situation could equate to a tough 50-kilogram situation back on home soil this spring.

Q: How do you expect the United States will do at the Women's World Cup this weekend?
-- Mike C.

Foley: Strong second.

Q: With Aaron Pico having a fight on Jan. 25, do you think that means he won't be competing for an Olympic spot in 2020?
-- Mike C.

Foley: I don't think that date would adversely affect his training. The whole deal is being able to transfer nationalities (December 2019) and to register for the Pan Am Qualifier in March. Then it's about placing in the top two in the qualifier which he's probably better than 50/50 to do even without year-round wrestling training.

Wil he do it? Unclear at the moment. The MMA career has had a few fits and starts and that should remain his focus, but the point is clear that he can easily make the Olympics and then from there it's anyone's guess what he can do once he makes it onto the mat in Tokyo.


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ResiliteMarine (7) about 1 year ago
Is this a Wrestling column anymore or.........?
trfoley (1) about 1 year ago
Yes! All my questions were about wrestling and the opening is about an ACC Champion and U.S. Senator who is in the NWHOF.
mike4010 (1) about 1 year ago
I couldn't feed my family during the Wellstone and Obama years but now I flourish. I'm sure TR is loving this impeachment circus too... I swallowed hard when Obama was president, I expect you to do the same.
tonyrotundo (1) about 1 year ago
What occupation are you in? I held my breath during the entirety of Bush's term(s). ;^)
johnmac47 (1) about 1 year ago
mike4010 in a previous response to me you mentioned that you are retired and living the good life. I am guessing that you must have been laid off during the Obama years, right? Or is it the case that you adjust your responses based on the comments shown - now that is a very intelligent man! Sounds a little like tRUMP, you think? ROFLMFAO
D_W (5) about 1 year ago
I guess the budget isn't big enough to afford a writer who can resist lionizing politicians who lined their pockets with other peoples' money.
jammen (2) about 1 year ago
Thanks for the Wellstone remembrance. In this day and age it's a rarity to see a politician with such integrity.
Minnesota Matman (3) about 1 year ago
I agree. Thanks for remembering Wellstone. He also had a son who was a state champion wrestler for Apple Valley.
mike4010 (2) about 1 year ago
He was a political hack who sucked the money from pockets just like Hussein Bomba.
Chrisdut (8) about 1 year ago
Thought I paid for a subscription to a wrestling website, not a liberal media outlet...please focus on wrestling without political views...can’ believe that InterMat hasn’t figured out that Mr. Foley is alienating at least half of it’s customers
Chrisdut (1) about 1 year ago
trfoley (2) about 1 year ago
Hi, Chris:

Why alienating? This is an opinion column and my opinion is that Paul Wellstone and what he believed are important for our community to remember. I hope you will see that there are men and women in our sport that find it their duty to protect others.
johnmac47 (1) about 1 year ago
Well said Foley. I too agree with your statement that shows that there are men and women in our sport that find it their duty to protect others because God knows who don't have it now. If anyone doesn't agree with that statement - WHO CARES!
mike4010 (2) about 1 year ago
Since this is an opinion column, Trump 2020..
Chrisdut (4) about 1 year ago
Your statement “And it’s true that for the past 20 years the wrestlers climbing to the top of the political junk heap have tended to be hyper-conservative and not altogether that compassionate, thoughtful or jacket wearing.” is not alienating to conservatives? Hopefully, your employer can see what you apparently can not. I’m not even a conservative and I can see the political bias. As a subscriber, I just want to see wrestling information and opinions void of political views.
mike4010 (2) about 1 year ago
Please accept my opinion TR - Trump 2020
tonyrotundo (1) about 1 year ago
You're repeating yourself, but wave that flag wide and high, man.
johnmac47 (1) about 1 year ago
Hey mike4010 that's a smart vote. Here's hoping you get out of the mental hospital soon. Then you can use your kindergarten degree to get a good job! Later clown!
mike4010 (1) about 1 year ago
Hey Johnnymac - My degree is in Management Information Systems - worked 30 years in Information Technology - now retired and living the good life - I have tickets at US Bank Stadium in section 129 for the NCAA Wrestling championship in Minneapolis. You?
mike4010 (1) about 1 year ago
Oh, and I would love to meet you in person one day.
johnmac47 (1) about 1 year ago
mike4010 you know what you sound like, you sound like Jim Jordan. We all know that he is a bully and not real smart in that he is prostituting himself for pimp tRUMP. It must be nice to be like your hero. PS - I would like to meet you sometime too. Get back to me!
mike4010 (1) about 1 year ago
I live in Minneapolis. You?
johnmac47 (1) about 1 year ago
michaelmidiri (2) about 1 year ago
LOTS of big-time wrestlers making moves in MMA, both domestic and international. If you're interested, and have a platinum membership, check out my articles on the subject. We are finally starting to see top foreign wrestlers commit to MMA and its AWESOME.
captainbob (8) about 1 year ago
Not interested in this column anymore.
djhart69 (2) about 1 year ago
I cringe every time it's mentioned that Jim Jordan was a former wrestler and coach. He is the worst possible Representative for the people of Ohio and the worst possible representative of the wrestling community.
mike4010 (1) about 1 year ago
I strongly disagree 69... Trump 2020
cradleman (1) about 1 year ago
Echemendia is the real deal. As far as beating the ride , he will be like most other wrestlers who challenge themselves at the collegiate level. The hardest position for most, and this has been true since I started wrestling back in the 60's, is the bottom position. And simply because most kids who continue to wrestle in college haven't spent much time on the bottom due to their success. He will be fine.
thewhorehouseisbusy (2) about 1 year ago
When Republican Rep. Jim Jordan does not want to see evidence of a crime, Gym Jordan will not see evidence of that crime. That is the Gym Jordan Way, whether it be in a college locker room or in the White House, and the man is extremely dedicated to the bit.
mike4010 (1) about 1 year ago
I bet your whore house IS busy. Like all libtards you believe what you hear from who you want to hear it from. You have no idea what did or did not happen. YOU do not deserve to be in the same country as Jim Jordan. And oh, I would love to meet you in person sometime... to you know, debate the subject..
Hokie wrestling (7) about 1 year ago
I’ll agree that this is an opinion page and its content is at your discretion. A friendly suggestion is to leave the political commentary to the traditional media outlets. I’m willing to bet most folks don’t read your article to get your opinion of who is compassionate, thoughtful, etc in the political sphere. One could assume ( right or wrong) that your own biases permeate in your article when you assume that politicians who don’t sit on your side of the isle don’t possess certain values.

Please, please leave politics out of your column. Your opening political montage took up a significant portion of your article that should focus 100% on wrestling.
Chrisdut (2) about 1 year ago
Well said...
mzendars (7) about 1 year ago
dbrown1967 (5) about 1 year ago
I trust and support Jim Jordan. He represents his state, our country and wrestling very well. These are my opinions. I don't think that means I lack compassion or thoughtfulness. I like many others would rather read wrestling related content on this wrestling website. And yet you are compelled to insert politics - like they did at the Wellstone memorial many years ago. What does it profit you? Division where there doesn't need to be. Why not leave the politics to the million other realms it has creeped into and find ways to bring fans together?
usmc230 (5) about 1 year ago
Oh boy!.
Poor TR Foley is on the island of misfit toys.
We what to read about wrestling he wants to write about politics and berate us for being deplorable.
Can we get somebody to write about wrestling?
We have an NCAA (D1) wrestling season with plenty of intrigue, with coaches juggling Olympic red shirts, and wrestlers pursing their Olympic dreams by wrestling a folkstyle season to me this is much more interesting than Wellstone.
usmc230 (3) about 1 year ago
cconversa (3) about 1 year ago
Jim Jordan is a true patriot. Your liberal BS is exhausting. Stick to wrestling.
johnmac47 (1) about 1 year ago
cconversa I would like you to inform us as to how Jim Jordan is a true Patriot. Take your time I realize it might take years or even decades to come up with some logical reason you think this nimrod is a patriot (I won't be holding my breath)!
Bike_on (2) about 1 year ago
I catch your backhanded barb at Jim Jordan...that's fine, your opinion. I wish we had 30000 former wrestlers with Jordan's convictions in congress, state houses and cities.
I admired Wellstone because he had conviction and it was apparent his tenacity came from his wrestling, imo. If he didn't have wrestling, I think he unfortunately would have been a whining liberal.
MyPronounIsKing (1) about 1 year ago
People need to realize Foley is stuck in a delayed state of infantile development, logic and reason are a waste of time when a child is acting out just for attention. I have found people who are this bitter and jealous of truly powerful people, tend to slide into political obsession due to their sense of political impotency - scientists haven't yet developed a Viagra for this condition. At this point, Foley needs our prayers because he is helpless to his condition and this is a call for help. His political appetites are effecting his professional obligations. He needs an intervention, and probably rehab, from ODing on the drug called feminism.
tonyrotundo (2) about 1 year ago
🙏 Oh snap, Foley caught feminism?! I hope he gets better. I caught feminism once, it took noting short of an exorcism to cure me. Thoughts and prayers.
grapplefan (1) about 1 year ago
Great remembrance of Paul Wellstone. Thank you!
A great man who died too early, In this time of low character spewing from that fat ass at the top, we all could learn from a guy who cared about everyone else.
Jerry Callo (1) about 1 year ago
Seeing all the idiots who cannot tell the difference between honoring Paul Wellstone, decorated wrestler, and a man of principle, which you have done so eloquently, and regurgitating some right wing drivel intending to slander a man or honor who died sadly is a statement on how we are, indeed Done As A Society!

Thanks for your column. Keep up the good work!
coolbeans (1) about 1 year ago
Wellstone was a good man, Unlike the Democrats now in Washington. The impeachment will go absolutely nowhere. The president has to have committed a crime first. The president Trump and Jim Jordan are draining the swamp. Therefore the paid off Media and the swamp will make up any lies possible to keep from getting thrown in prison. However it will not work. The multi-millionaire swamp creatures have lied and ripped off We the People for decades. Thousands of them will be going to prison.

How is it these career politicians who make $170,000 a year are multi millionaires?? It's from ripping off the naive sheep who refused to investigate the ruling class Elite.

It amazes me. That seemingly intelligent people swallow the spoon-fed propaganda with agendas by the media. The Liberals are making no attempts to help We the People. Their only goal is to remove Trump who promised to rid USA of these deep state criminals..

Foley either turn off the TV with the fake news and turn on your critical thinking brain. Or stick to wrestling
Tartan (1) about 1 year ago
Foley, thank you for the appropriate words on Paul Wellstone. Pay no mind to the comments from the blind sheep that can't see what any rational American can see in that Trump is a chronically lying, treasonous, corrupt scoundrel that has caused irreparable harm to our country.
uvagrappler33 (1) about 1 year ago
Cool beans,
Congress people are allowed to inside trade that’s why they don’t care what their salary is. Most corrupt thing in the world.
CoreyCA (2) about 1 year ago
I have no problem with a tribute to Paul Wellstone, but the first 4 paragraphs are nothing but a partisan rhetoric. Foley is entitled to his opinion as is everyone who disagrees with him. By now it is clear that Foley cannot keep his politics out of his writing, therefore don't read his column if you are offended. There isn't enough interesting wrestling information in his column any more so no need to read and get upset.
Husky (1) about 1 year ago
I look forward to, and read Foley every Friday. I DON’T ALWAYS AGREE WITH OR ENJOY HIS Opinions. Today I thought he hit a home run. Bravo.
SOMETIMES I don’t know what we would do without Mike C’s questions.
Good luck Foley, you did good.
richardaruffing (2) about 1 year ago
don't care how good a wrestler anyone(wellstone) was if they pin their hopes on a party that approves baby-killing abortion; anti-2nd amendment gun grabbing; anti-American sentiments; socialist envy; etc.; keep your column on the wrestling please
MyPronounIsKing (2) about 1 year ago
@tonyrotundo - Not sure you ever got rid of it. It typically affects stunted men who have abnormally low levels of courage, masculinity, and male virtue. In order to attract the opposite sex, they compensate for this lack of normal male aggression with feminine pleas for empathy, equality, and namaste. An exorcism would not be necessary, merely receiving the sacrament of reconciliation and working to overcome this particular type of demonic oppression is usually enough. There is hope for all beta males to rejoin the male species and become real men again.
Jabr8319 (4) about 1 year ago
Foley, wrestlers go on to do a lot of great things after wrestling, and many of those things should be celebrated. However, in this day and age when the country is split down the middle because of politics, why do you feel the need to bring it up all the time? I’m sure the overwhelming majority of people that read intermat get their political fill elsewhere, and come here because they love wrestling and want a break from politics. This is an opinion page, yes, but most people are looking for opinions about wrestling, not politics. We should be debating wrestling here, not politics, but you feel the need to Interject your leftist politics at every turn. Let it go dude.
Anklepick24 (3) about 1 year ago
trfoley, I have been a wrestling fan for 55 years and this is the first time I am sending in a comment to a web site. I thank you for trying to promote wrestling. However, PLEASE leave the politics out of it. Liberals have ruined so many different things in our great country. I want them to leave my wrestling alone (and YES, I love girls and women wrestling). But I do not like the hate that the Left has promulgated in this country. By the way, you wrote that Wellstone (who WAS a great wrestler and probably a very good person) left a legacy of thoughtfulness that resonated at his funeral. Absolutely 100 % false. The LEFT turned his funeral into a mean-spirited political rally with Nazi like cheers of "We will win." A Republican senator who wanted to eulogize Paul was booed, cursed at, jeered, and prohibited from speaking. Paul would have been ashamed. The people of Minnesota were so turned off that Gov Ventura left the funeral early and the people of Minnesota wound up electing the Republican Norm Coleman rather than the Dem, former VP Walter Mondale. If you do not believe me, just google it.
I am more interested in whether you think Iowa will knock off Penn State this year. Thank you.
Bill9879 (2) about 1 year ago
TR---Great article. As a Minnesotan, I am proud to say that Wellstone was "one of us". Great man, and you are right, he cared for all of us. As for all these conservatives a-holes telling you to "shut up about politics", calling Democrats/liberals numerous names, disregard them. There is a saying "You can't argue with stupid"--this pretty much defines the majority of conservatives, especially the ones that believe in Trump, Jim Jordan, etc. Facts will NOT deter them. They often use false info to support their beliefs and they are often as hypocritical as can be. This week I found something that was a good "callback" to my college days when I earned a Minor in Religion--it was a made up "quote" from Jesus that most religious and conservatives would not like to admit but is factual---I'll post it here:

A Little Reminder For you Republican “Evangelicals”: Your bible should tell you that I was a brown-skinned Jew, and the son of Middle-Eastern immigrants. I spent my life spreading love and teaching acceptance. I fed the poor and healed the sick. There was no “America” when I walked this earth and I would never approved of your “white nationalism” and baseless sense of entitlement. I would never advocated your sanctimonious rubbish, and I sure as shit wasn’t a fucking bigot. Furthermore, I would never identified as a Conservative, so next time you want use my name to defend your bullshit, then please accept the fact that if I was alive today, I’d be called a Liberal.
MyPronounIsKing (1) about 1 year ago
@Bill9879 - It is not surprising a minor in religion now-a-days teaches people nothing other than to use foul language and illogical theology. Jesus wasn't a revolutionary, that is what he was called by the Romans to get him killed. Politicizing Jesus and projecting onto him all your desires in an ideal male doesn't make it true. Please refer to credible commentary on the Gospels rather than supplying generic interpretations from some third-rate university like Foley went to.
Bill9879 (2) about 1 year ago
MyProunisKing---You must be one of those religious "conservatives" that doesn't even understand his own religion cause everything I posted about Jesus was accurate. Whether you want to call him a "Revolutionary" or not, he was very much against the state--his closest friend (and possible significant other) was a prostitute. He catered to the sick, poor and the most ostracized people of his time. He was very much against the rich and powerful at the time. Those are FACTS (other than the part about Mary Magdalene being a possible SO----the writers of the bible were men that didn't want to make Jesus look bad, more than likely he did have "relations" and it was omitted) . The problem with conservatives that are religious is that a vast majority of the bible and specifically Jesus goes against the very being of conservatism---so go blow it out your ass man, cause sticking your head in the sand and believing something that isn't true isn't gonna make it true.

And if I remember right, Foley went to University of VA---outside of Charlottesville having some recent issues with a bunch of racist, nazi-loving pricks having a ralley---is a good school. I'd really like to know what kind of college/education you have, considering you don't even understand Christianity well enough to remotely speak to the facts of the bible.
Pete the Streak (2) about 1 year ago
Please change the title of this weekly piece to 'TR's Opinions on Everything', and ditch the word 'Mailbag'.
Maybe I missed it, but where was the question asking your opinion on conservatives ('not altogether that compassionate, thoughtful, or jacket-wearing')?
blasteronaut (1) about 1 year ago
I liked the article. The political wrinkle was welcome. Keep up the good work Foley and always remember to hide your liberal tears.
Berniepragle (2) about 1 year ago
Foley: Thanks for having the balls to stand up to all these "conservatives". I'm old enough and smart enough to remember the days of Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Country Joe McDonald, and many more people that stood up for the common person. Contrast those times to today with the orange idiot and his minions. Be prepared though, remember what happened to The Dixie Chicks.
Berniepragle (2) about 1 year ago
Amen brother. So many of these "religious conservatives" today have no idea of actual scripture. Proverbs 6:16-19 and 2Timothy 3:2-5 could easily be summarized "Don't be a Trump".
linesider9 (2) about 1 year ago
Foley, do you wear laced underwear? Wellstone is dead so God rest his soul, but the man was a big supporter of the ACLU, The People For The American Way, and the AFL-CIO all leftist, liberal cesspools. The people, on a whole, who you are directing this column to are not of the same mindset - not saying all but most. Know your audience because we're not watching Rachel Maddow at 9. Jim Jordan Rocks!!
johnmac47 (2) about 1 year ago
Jim Jordan Rocks??? I am guessing that must be similar to the "rocks" in your head, right linesider9?
MyPronounIsKing (2) about 1 year ago
@Bill9879 - you can't even leave a post without cussing like a heathen and bloviating in bizarre political interpretations of the Bible. Jesus wasn't conservative or liberal, he was beyond politics just as the Bible is beyond politics because it was inspired by man through the Holy Spirit. It is kind of ironic you question my fundamental accuracy of Scripture, and my educational qualifications, yet you mistake very basic and rudimentary distinctions related to doctrine. Most supposedly "good schools" today are nothing more than group think factories when the privileged are taught nothing of worth or substance (as you can tell by the mindlessness of Foley). They have no idea the repercussions of their philosophically positions and thus it is up to normal and well-meaning people to protect them, and society, from themselves.

MyProunisKing---You must be one of those religious "conservatives" that doesn't even understand his own religion cause everything I posted about Jesus was accurate. Whether you want to call him a "Revolutionary" or not, he was very much against the state--his closest friend (and possible significant other) was a prostitute. He catered to the sick, poor and the most ostracized people of his time. He was very much against the rich and powerful at the time. Those are FACTS (other than the part about Mary Magdalene being a possible SO----the writers of the bible were men that didn't want to make Jesus look bad, more than likely he did have "relations" and it was omitted) . The problem with conservatives that are religious is that a vast majority of the bible and specifically Jesus goes against the very being of conservatism---so go blow it out your ass man, cause sticking your head in the sand and believing something that isn't true isn't gonna make it true.

And if I remember right, Foley went to University of VA---outside of Charlottesville having some recent issues with a bunch of racist, nazi-loving pricks having a ralley---is a good school. I'd really like to know what kind of college/education you have, considering you don't even understand Christianity well enough to remotely speak to the facts of the bible.
mcclamrocks (2) about 1 year ago
Haha, these comments.. best yet! Great article Foley.
Berniepragle (2) about 1 year ago
Just a little food for thought:
If 5 years ago someone would have got on any wrestling forum extolling the virtues of Donald Trump, he/she would have been a real lightening rod of ridicule. But, now that he's wearing "our" jersey, he's a great guy. 5 years ago, I thought he was a lazy, pompous, privelaged jackass, and today I still think the same thing. As my mom, bless her soul, would have said: His next day of work would be his first.
There's no reason that we have to choose between Jackass #1 and Jackass #2 when we vote. Let's find someone of integrity who exemplifies the hard work we all admire and not worry about whose jersey he/she's got on.
mmac (1) about 1 year ago
The tears of conservative snowflakes(crybabies) are indeed bitter!
mmac (1) about 1 year ago
linesider9 (1) 1 day ago
Foley, do you wear laced underwear?

Troll for your gay hookups elsewhere, linesider.
thewhorehouseisbusy (1) about 1 year ago
Mike4040 more than happy to debate the subject.. in fact look forward to it.
pjw134lbsAA (1) about 1 year ago
Foley, you are neither smarter nor more compassionate than the people you vilify. Anklepick24 is a solid representative of the Sillent Majority you seem to abhor. And your politics are the reason I won't pay for Intermats premium content.
SwampHog (1) about 1 year ago
And Foley's mailbag goes behind the paywall, weak.
coolbeans (1) about 1 year ago
Very well put pjw, I agree 100%. The only thing worse than someone being 100 % wrong about politics is when they also try to be arrogant and condescending. I would expect a public apology from Foley when the real truth is brought out in the weeks and months to come.
footestomper (1) about 1 year ago
So, I was curious to see what the last "public" mailbag was all about. Now I have seen it. Guess I won't miss it.

On another note, I did enjoy the intermission videos quite a lot. We need "wrestling" websites. I also enjoyed the real questions that actual people ASKED for an opinion. I found the large majority of answers insightful and interesting.

I think it's a business mistake to put the mailbag behind the paywall, instead of just making it about wrestling. It was one main free thing that could cause curious readers to be drawn to the website, and possibly subscribe. Guess I'll get my wrestling info elsewhere.