Storley a perfect 10-0 after Bellator 215 win

Logan Storley improved to 10-0 (Photo/Bellator)

Four-time NCAA All-American wrestler Logan Storley remains perfect in his professional mixed martial arts career, garnering his tenth consecutive win at Bellator 215 at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn. Friday night.

The 26-year-old Storley earned a unanimous decision in his welterweight (170-pound) co-main event over Ion Pascu, 36. Judges scored it 30-27, 30-26, 30-26 for the former University of Minnesota wrestler.

"Logan Storley smothers Ion Pascu to move to 10-0" was the headline in's coverage of the Storley-Pascu bout. In the opening paragraph, the website reported, "It was that top-notch wrestling that would tell the tale for 15 minutes." reported that Storley "cruised" to his victory, adding, "It was a frustrating experience for Pascu. Storley delivered takedowns in all three rounds, settled in half guard and proceeded to hack away at the SBG Ireland-trained Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt with short punches and elbows. By the third round, Pascu seemed resigned to his situation. Storley continued to pepper him with elbow strikes from top position, one of them opening a small cut near the Romanian's left eye."

Both MMA websites reported on the negative reaction of some fans at the event.

"On a side note, the comments from individual, clearly intoxicated, members of the audience are something else," according to "The wrestling and ground supremacy of Storley is the story throughout the second round -- much to the dismay of the crowd."

With the win, Storley -- who is from Webster, S.D., same hometown as Brock Lesnar -- is now 5-0 in Bellator, and 10-0 overall in a career spanning two-and-a-half years. Pascu -- whose is a ten-year MMA veteran -- is now 18-10, having lost three of his last four bouts.

Storley weighs in on Ed Ruth

Prior to his fight at Bellator 216, Storley submitted to an interview with Ben Duffy of Sherdog. Among the topics discussed was the former Golden Gopher grappler's take on Ed Ruth, emerging MMA star who was a three-time NCAA champ for Penn State ... especially Storley's take on Ruth being choked out by Neiman Gracie in the fourth round of their quarterfinals bout in Bellator's Welterweight Grand Prix at Bellator 213 back in December.

"That was an interesting fight," Storley told Sherdog's Duffy. "Obviously, I was probably one of the most excited guys to watch it out of everyone, because I know Ed, I've competed against Ed [in wrestling], and it was just a very interesting matchup and an interesting fight. Ed, I think, won at least a round or two. But Ed kind of got tired, defending everything. I mean, he got out of two or three positions where I was like 'Man, looks like it's done' and then he got out. I think he controlled the striking well, and he went forward, but he kept getting in situations where Gracie was on his back, not using as much energy as Ed was, and Ed eventually got tired and then got taken down.

"So I was kind of surprised," Storley continued. "I thought Ed would win that fight, but that's why you fight. I m sure he learned a lot, learned a ton on what to do, and where not to put yourself and how to conserve your energy. Maybe you try and stay on the feet, and only go to take him down late in each round."


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