Clarion defeats Cleveland State

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Clarion wrestling team won six straight bouts to clinch a conference road win on Friday night, defeating Cleveland State 25-9 at Woodling Gym. The Golden Eagles (6-5, 3-1 EWL) will look to make it two in a row on Sunday when they face 24th-ranked Lock Haven.

The Vikings took the early advantage by winning three of the first four bouts, but the Golden Eagles took four matches with bonus points to stretch out their lead and build a commanding advantage over Cleveland State. Clarion now needs one win in its remaining three duals to guarantee a .500 or better record for the second straight year.

Seth Koleno posted the lone win in the early part of the match, giving Clarion some life with a 13-3 major decision over Armando Torres at 133 pounds. Mike Bartolo and Evan Delong eked out two one-point decisions at 157 and 165, putting the Golden Eagles ahead 10-9.

Max Wohlabaugh saw to it that they wouldn't relinquish the lead again, dominating Colton Carroll for a 20-5 technical fall that put the team ahead 14-9. Ty Bagoly shut out Chris Morrow for an 8-0 major decision, and Greg Bulsak clinched the team win with a 4-2 decision over Ben Smith. Toby Cahill closed out the night with another major decision, downing Collin Kelly 10-2.

125: Cameron Lathem (CSU) over Gavin Park (CU) - 4-3 dec. | CSU leads, 3-0
133: Seth Koleno (CU) over Armando Torres (CSU) - 13-3 MD | Clarion leads, 4-3
141: Sam Matzek (CSU) over Jalin Hankerson (CU) - 6-0 dec. | CSU leads, 6-4
149: Brady Barnett (CSU) over Avery Shay (CU) - 5-2 dec. | CSU leads, 9-4
157: Mike Bartolo (CU) over Nico O'Dor (CSU) - 5-4 dec. | CSU leads, 9-7
165: Evan Delong (CU) over Ryan Ford (CSU) - 3-2 dec. | Clarion leads, 10-9
1 team point deducted from Clarion after 165-pound bout (control of mat area)
174: Max Wohlabaugh (CU) over Colton Carroll (CSU) - 20-5 TF 5:22 | Clarion leads 14-9
184: Tyler Bagoly (CU) over Chris Morrow (CSU) - 8-0 MD | Clarion leads, 18-9
197: Greg Bulsak (CU) over Ben Smith (CSU) - 4-2 dec. | Clarion leads, 21-9
285: Toby Cahill (CU) vs. Collin Kelly (CSU) - 10-2 MD | Clarion 25-9


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