Duke rallies to beat Penn

DURHAM, N.C. -- The Duke wrestling team won four of the final five matches to rally to a 25-18 victory over Penn in the Blue Devils' home opener Sunday afternoon. Duke scored bonus points in three of the final bout victories to secure the second win of the campaign.

Trailing 11-0 after the first two matches, Duke (2-0) picked up a major decision from Josh Finesilver at 133 pounds and a decision by sixth-ranked Mitch Finesilver at 149 to pull within four.

The win for Mitch marked the 77th of his career and the seventh over a top 20 opponent as he edged No. 17 Anthony Artalona by a 4-1 score. Josh, meanwhile, had no trouble in garnering his 14th win of the year and third by major decision in a 14-6 victory over Grant Aronoff.

The turning point of the dual came at 165 pounds. With Duke trailing 15-7 and Zach Finesilver trailing 8-6 with seconds quickly ticking down in the third period, the veteran captain continued to battle and attack. His effort finally paid off as he took down Evan DeLuise with 10 seconds left and then added four nearfall points for the 12-8 match victory.

Buoyed by Zach's comeback victory, Matt Finesilver cruised to the 17-1 technical fall at 174 pounds to tie the team score 15-15 with four bouts remaining. At 184 pounds, Kaden Russell followed suit, picking up four more team points with a 12-4 major decision.

Alec Schenk provided the finishing touch for the Blue Devils at 197 pounds. Duke, leading 19-15, needed only a decision to clinch the victory, but Schenk went all the way with a first-period fall. The senior captain wasted no time and quickly put Tyler Hall on his back and scored the six-point win in just 55 seconds.

Penn capped the match with a narrow decision at heavyweight, but Duke's stretch of four straight wins proved to be the difference and sending the Quakers back to Philadelphia 1-2 on the year.

Duke returns to action Saturday, Jan. 12 when it hosts Brown at 7 p.m. The match will be held in Cameron Indoor Stadium and streamed on ACC Network Extra.

125: Carmen Ferrante (Penn) tech fall Harrison Campbell (Duke), 15-0 - Duke 0, Penn 5
133: Doug Zapf (Penn) wins by forfeit - Duke 0, Penn 11
141: Josh Finesilver (Duke) major decision Grant Aronoff (Penn), 14-6 - Duke 4, Penn 11
149: No. 6 Mitch Finesilver (Duke) decision No. 17 Anthony Artalona (Penn), 4-1 - Duke 7, Penn 11
157: Joe Oliva (Penn) major decision Benjamin Anderson (Duke), 13-5 - Duke 7, Penn 15
165: Zach Finesilver (Duke) decision Evan DeLuise (Penn), 12-8 - Duke 10, Penn 15
174 : No. 19 Matt Finesilver (Duke) tech fall Brian Krasowski (Penn) - 17-1 , Duke 15, Penn 15
184: Kaden Russell (Duke) major decision Robert Ng (Penn) - 12-4, Duke 19, Penn 15
197: Alec Schenk (Duke) fall Tyler Hall (Penn), 0:55 - Duke 25, Penn 15
285: Ben Goldin (Penn) decision Araad Fisher (Duke), 5-2, Duke 25, Penn 18


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