NCAA Division I Graduation Success Rates (GSR) for top 3 programs in every conference

"More Division I student-athletes than ever are earning their degrees, according to new Graduation Success Rate data …"

That was the opening line of a press release issued by the NCAA last week.

The statement went on say, "The most recent rate is 88 percent, a record high and an increase of 1 percentage point from 2017 numbers."

"Student-athletes continue to achieve academic success at record levels," NCAA President Mark Emmert said. "When the GSR was created more than 15 years ago, the NCAA set an aspirational goal of 80 percent of student-athletes graduating. College athletes have met and exceeded that goal -- as they often do with any challenge."

Last week's announcement was general in scope, addressing stats of Division I student-athletes overall in multiple intercollegiate sports. Which got us to thinking: how well are D1 wrestlers doing in terms of Graduation Success Rates?

Luckily, the NCAA was kind enough to provide links to a mind-blowing wealth of GSR information across the years and for various sports, including men's Division I college wrestling.

Here are 2018 NCAA Graduation Success Rates for the top three NCAA Division I wrestling programs by conference.

Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)
1. Duke 100%
2. Virginia 92%
3. Pittsburgh 88%

Big 12
1. West Virginia University 85%
2. U.S. Air Force Academy 82%
3. University of Oklahoma 78%

Big Ten
1. Penn State 100%
2. Michigan 94%
3. Northwestern 93%

EIWA (Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling Association)
1. Sacred Heart (Connecticut) 100%
1. American University 100%
1. Princeton 100%

EWL (Eastern Wrestling League)
1. Bloomsburg 83%
2. Lock Haven 77%
2. Rider 77%

MAC (Mid-American Conference)
1. Kent State (Ohio) 82%
2. Ohio University 80%
2. Old Dominion 80%

1. Stanford 93%
2. Oregon State 76%
3. CSU Bakersfield 72%

Southern Conference
1. Davidson College 93%
2. The Citadel 89%
3. Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville 77%


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Chrisdut (2) about 2 years ago
Penn State getting it done on the mats and in the classroom!!!
pins2pen (1) about 2 years ago
I love seeing who's doing what in the class room! Congrats to all these fine schools and coaches who are obviously doing many things well. But I would, and I think your readership wants, to see who isn't getting the job done. The sport isn't doing well overall, relative to the other sports on college campuses. That hurts all of us. Of course honey should be given to those who are, but in the same breath we need to give vinegar to those who aren't. Failing to mention who isn't focused on academics hurts all of us. They shouldn't be protected.
wrestlingterp (1) about 2 years ago
Brown is in the Ivy League as well as the EIWA. Princeton, Columbia, and Harvard are also in the EIWA.