Northwestern (Iowa) edges Buena Vista

The Raiders earned a 20-18 win over Buena Vista University Tuesday night after a hard fought first dual of the season. The Raiders and Beavers split the matches evenly 5-5 but the Raiders were able to win thanks to a pair of major decisions late in the match.

The Raiders found themselves off to a hot start at the 125 pound weight as Sam Klarenbeek was able to get a fall in the 3rd period. It was a hard fought and frantic match but Klarenbeek was able to capitalize on an error from Vento and get the pin.

BVU was able to tie things up after the 133 match as Spurrier was able to get the best of Mills. Altenburg pushed away a late effort by Dahl to earn a decision putting the Beavers up 9-6 after 3 matches.

Preciado put forth a great effort and doubled up Tuttle tying up the match at 9-9. Daniel Zeleny and Andrew Null would both drop decisions and the Raiders found themselves down 9-15 six matches in. Then the big swing occurred.

Brandon Shuler went out with an attitude to him and was able to dominate Hoffman with a 13-4 major decision. Brock Brenneman fed off of the Shuler match and went out and had a great first two periods and the Raider's coaching staff saw a chance to get bonus points with a major decision and told Brenneman to cut his opponent off and go for more takedowns. Brock did so and was able to get a 11-3 major decision with a few seconds left in the third period.

Nicholas Null would make it a three match streak with a 5-0 shutout decision. The Raiders went from 9-15 down after six matches to up 20-15 in nine matches.

Skyler Bonestroo was even at 1-1 in the last period and slipped late in the match to give Puls a chance to capitalize. Skyler did a good job to not get pinned in the final seconds and the Raiders were able to hold off the Beavers for their first win of 2017-2018 season.

"Sam and Brock were huge matches for us tonight," commented Head Coach Rik Dahl. "Both of them came up with huge points for us at big moments of the dual. Brock's win was massive being towards the end of the dual but without Sam's pin, we would not be talking about a win tonight."

125 Sam Klarenbeek (Northwestern (Iowa) vs. Nate Vento (Buena Vista) Fall 5:39 6-0
133 Cole Mills (Northwestern (Iowa) vs. Schuyler Spurrier (Buena Vista) Fall 3:48 6-6
141 Eli Dahl (Northwestern (Iowa) vs. Riley Altenburg (Buena Vista) 8-11 Decision 6-9
149 Dante Preciado (Northwestern (Iowa) vs. Johnathon Tuttle (Buena Vista) 8-4 Decision 9-9
157 Daniel Zeleny (Northwestern (Iowa) vs. Brad Kerkhoff (Buena Vista) 6-8 Decision 9-12
165 Andrew Null (Northwestern (Iowa) vs. Shane Vaughan (Buena Vista) 0-3 Decision 9-15
174 Brandon Shuler (Northwestern (Iowa) vs. Andrew Hoffman (Buena Vista) 13-4 Major decision 13-15
184 Brock Brenneman (Northwestern (Iowa) vs. Lavaris Preston (Buena Vista) 11-3 Major decision 17-15
197 Nicholas Null (Northwestern (Iowa) vs. Kevin Pape (Buena Vista) 5-0 Decision 20-15
285 Skyler Bonestroo (Northwestern (Iowa) vs. Tyler Puls (Buena Vista) 1-3 Decision 20-18

Match Descriptions

125: Klarenbeek went down 2-1 after 1st but knotted it up at 3-3 in second with a solid takedown. Went up early in third with point after an early escape and then had a nice takedown to get to 6 points and then fall with 1:23 left in third after a great move to secure the 6 points.
Score 6-0

133: Two take downs early saw Mills get a quick 4-1 lead in the first. Another takedown at the end of the first period gave a 6-3 lead for Mills. Roles quickly changed as Mills got caught and eventually pinned in the second period on a reversal of a move.
Score 6-6

141: Eli Dahl got off to a rough start in the first quickly going down 4-1 after two takedowns for Altenburg. Was able to escape and get to 4-2. A quick takedown by Dahl late in the first period got things evened up at 4 going into the second. Things started off well for dahl in second but Altenburg took advantage and scored 2 points. He then rode that takedown into 4 near fall points putting dahl behind 10-4 going into the 3rd. Dahl became aggressive trying to trim the 6 point deficit and was able to get a takedown to get to 6-10. Dahl then traded an escape for another takedown but was unable to get the points needed falling in a decision 8-11.
Score 6-9

149: Dante got off to a good start getting an early takedown. Tuttle eventually escaped the initial take down and the 1st ended 2-1 for Dante. A good takedown in the 2nd got Dante to a 4-1 lead which he would ride until the start of the 3rd. An escape after Dante started on top gave Tuttle a point to make it 4-2 but a quick succession of takedowns and escapes at the end of the third saw Dante win 8-4 on a decision.
Score 9-9

157: Zeleny had long battle to start on the mat as early points were hard to come by. Kerkhoff finally scored a takedown after a long control battle with Zeleny. That score would hold for the first. Another battle for control happened early in the second as Kerkhoff was able to grab a leg and sweep down Zeleny for a 4-0 lead. The 4-0 lead would quickly grow to 6-1 for Kerkhoff but Zeleny would score an immediate takedown to cut the score in half to 3-6. Another trade for takedown and escape would lead to a 8-4 advantage and a late takedown for Zeleny would be too late seeing the 8-6 decision go to BVU.
Score 9-12

165: Andrew had a takedown that was over rolled saw Vaughan get an early 2-0 lead. The score would stay the same in the second period as both wrestlers would not earn a point. 3 minutes of ride time saw Vaughn get the 3 point decision for BVU with a 3-0 score.
Score 9-15

174: Brandon an early take down for Shuler got things rolling for the Red Raiders. A late escape in the 1st got Hoffman on the board to end the 1st. Schuler started on top in the second and was able to get a 2 point near fall and significant ride time to start off the period. The 4-1 quickly became an 8-1 lead after a 4 point near fall. The second would end 8-2 after an escape by Hoffman. An early escape and takedown by Shuler to start the third stretched the lead to 11-2. Another takedown and escape found Shuler up 13-4 and that is how the match would end. The major decision would give the Raiders 4 team points.
Score 13-15

184: Brenneman's early attempt to a takedown set the tone for the match as he was able to capitalize on his next shot for a 2 point takedown. The second started off well for Brock as he was able to reverse a shot from Preston and earn another takedown for a 4-0 lead. Brenneman would start off the third just like the other two periods earning a takedown early. Brenneman would find himself up 8-3 halfway through the third and would counter a takedown attempt but Preston to go up 11-3 in which the match would finish for a big major decision for the Red Raiders.
Score 17-15

197: Nick an early takedown and some ride time for Null saw him dominate the first period. The early 2-0 would last throughout the first. Another early takedown in the second would double the lead to 4-0. Null grabbed an early escape in the 3rd to get to a five point lead. The lead would hold for a 5-0 decision.
Score 20-15

285: Skyler the match started off with a lot of hand fighting and no one was able to score in the first. Bonestroo was able to escape starting out the second period to earn a 1-0 lead. Bonestroo avoided a great takedown attempt by Puls. An early escape by Puls evened the score at 1-1 and the third became a battle of the final point. A late takedown for Puls after a slip by Bonestroo put the score at 3-1 and it would end for a decision for BVU.
Score 20-18

The Raiders pick up after Thanksgiving Break with another home dual and conference opener on Thursday, November 30 against Briar Cliff University at 7pm


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