Helen Maroulis' world title run by the numbers

Helen Maroulis gets her hand raised after winning a world title in Paris (Photo/Tony Rotundo,

Last week, Helen Maroulis won her third straight world-level championship in dominant fashion. The move up to 58 kilograms did not slow her down one bit, and she scored five technical falls on the way to the gold medal. The following is a by-the-numbers look at the stats and milestones that stood out from her performance.

Over the course of the five matches, Maroulis outscored her opponents 53-0. She scored technical falls in all five matches without yielding a single point.

On the day, Maroulis landed 13 takedowns. Seven of those 13 takedowns came via counter offense as she scored on go-behinds or reattacks. Maroulis saved her best for last. In the finals against Marwa Amri (Tunisia), she scored her first four-point takedown of the day with a foot sweep and nearly registered the fall.

Maroulis earned the top position in parterre 10 times during the tournament. She turned these 10 opportunities into nine leg laces and a gut wrench for 20 of her 53 points. Maroulis also scored an exposure in a scramble against Yessica Oviedo Perez (Dominican Republic) in her quarterfinal bout.

As previously stated, Maroulis did not allow any of her opponents to notch a point, so it goes without saying that she did not give up a takedown. She stoned 12 takedown attempts. In the finals, Amri attempted four takedowns, but Maroulis was able to stop them all. In the competition, she earned seven counter takedowns, which means that she was able to turn 58 percent of her opponents' attacks into points.

Thanks to her technical falls, the American finished her day after only 13:05 of mat time. If every match went the full six minutes, she would have wrestled 30 minutes. That means she saved herself nearly 17 minutes of wrestling time.

Since finishing with a bronze medal at the 2014 World Championships, Maroulis has gone 58-1 with her only loss coming earlier this year at the International Ukrainian Tournament.


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