Moorpark College hires Kistler as coach

California's Moorpark College has hired NCAA All-American Lindley Kistler as its head coach for its reinstated wrestling program, the Ventura County Star reported Friday.

Moorpark, a two-year community college located just outside Los Angeles, had announced in December 2016 it was bringing back wrestling in the fall 2017 after having eliminated the program due to budget cuts in August 2009.

Lindley Kistler, who had been head wrestling coach at Newberry Park High School in California, brings impressive mat credentials to Moorpark College, having wrestled for two Hall of Fame coaches at two top college programs. Wrestling for Dan Gable at the University of Iowa, Kistler was a three-time Big Ten conference champion and a two-time NCAA All-American. Kistler also wrestled at Arizona State for Bobby Douglas, where he was a Pac 10 runner-up.

"His credentials speak for themselves," said Moorpark interim athletic director Vance Manakas. "He was a national honors society member while wrestling for Dan Gable, so he understands the concept of athletics and academics."

Moorpark College is eager to relaunch its wrestling program to fill a unique need in Ventura County.

"It's the only program in the county where kids have an opportunity to excel after high school (in the sport), without moving out of the county," said Charles Sandlin, chief operating officer of Roadrunner Shuttle and former Moorpark wrestler who had been a driving force in ensuring funding for the Raider wrestling program.

At the time Moorpark announced the return of wrestling, AD Manakas said, "It is an unbelievable feeling to reinstate wrestling for the student athletes and wrestling community in Ventura County. Moorpark College will be providing an opportunity for many to continue wrestling and follow their dreams."

Founded in 1967, Moorpark College is a public, two-year community college in eastern Ventura County. Located just north of Los Angeles County, Moorpark has approximately 15,000 students.


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