Five nationally ranked team lead strong Reno TOC field

There was a time about 20 years ago during the early years of the Reno Tournament of Champions that it was regarded as THE high school wrestling tournament of the regular season. However, that is no longer the case. That being said, it is still an excellent tournament with many talented teams an individuals.

Even with three-time defending champion Poway (Calif.), which is ranked No. 14 nationally, not returning; the field is not lacking for oomph. There are five nationally ranked teams present: No. 16 Allen (Texas), No. 19 Choctaw (Okla.), No. 34 Pomona (Colo.), No. 38 Roseburg (Ore.), and No. 50 Wasatch (Utah).

It should be noted that Allen and Pomona will be without multiple wrestlers due to their schools' success in football. Allen will be missing 2015 state champion Juwan Robinson (152) and returning state champion Evan Hackett (170/182), while freshman sensation A.J. Ferrari will be double-entered at 160 pounds along with No. 20 Braeden Redlin. Pomona will reportedly be without No. 15 Theorius Robison (138) and four other wrestlers with state tournament experience.

The following is a list of wrestlers to watch by weight class in this tournament:

106 - No. 4 Brandon Kaylor (Bonney Lake, Wash.), Hunter Sparks (Roseburg, Ore.), Brenden Chaowanapibool (Bonney Lake, Wash.), Wyatt Yapoujian (Pomona, Colo.)

113 - Colt Newton (Choctaw, Okla.), Ty Smith (Virgin Valley, Nev.), Garrett Ricks (Box Elder, Utah), Dalton Stutzman (Layton, Utah), Justin Pacheco (Pomona, Colo.)

120 - No. 5 Ian Timmins (Wooster, Nev.), Coltan Yapoujian (Pomona, Colo.), Brandon Meikel (Kearns, Utah), Logan Brown (Allen, Texas), Izaak Olejnik (Bakersfield, Calif.), Enrique Landeros (Orland, Calif.), Bennett Moudy (Coweta, Okla.), Legend Lamer (Crescent Valley, Ore.), Cameron Thompson (Battle Mountain, Nev.)

126 - Jet Taylor (Sallisaw, Okla.), Jaxon Cole (North Summit, Utah), Yonathan Esquivel (Orland, Calif.), Hunter Matney (Ponderosa, Colo.), Reece Witcraft (Coweta, Okla.), Patrick Ramirez (De La Salle, Calif.)

132 - No. 15 Gary Joint (Lemoore, Calif.), Conner Holman (Choctaw, Okla.), Orion Gutierrez (Rio Rancho, N.M.), Bennett Mesa (Roseburg, Ore.), Zak Kohler (Wasatch, Utah), Jacob Baird (Virgin Valley, Nev.)

138 - No. 7 J.J. Figueroa (Bakersfield, Calif.), Jaxen Gilmore (Yukon, Okla.)

145 - No. 4 Navonte Demison (Bakersfield, Calif.), Ryan Rochford (Rio Rancho, N.M.), Corbin Smith (Wasatch, Utah), Logan Jensen (Herriman, Utah), Jed Loveless (Payson, Utah), Peyton Omania (De La Salle, Calif.), Gabe Fisher (Grundy, Va.)

152 - No. 13 Brock Hardy (Box Elder, Utah), Jason Romero (Pomona, Colo.), James Fisher (Centennial, Idaho), Chase Vincent (Yukon, Okla.), McKay Foy (Altamont, Utah), Jacob McNutt (Grundy, Va.), Taten Ringel (North Summitt, Utah)

160 - No. 3 Layne van Anrooy (Roseburg, Ore.), No. 14 Jaron Chavez (Centennial, Idaho), No. 20 Braeden Redlin (Allen, Texas), A.J. Ferrari (Allen, Texas), Jaryn Curry (Choctaw, Okla.), Matt Goings (Churchill County, Nev.), Ryan Hansen (Maple Mountain, Utah)

170 - No. 14 Andrew Berreyesa (Reno, Nev.), No. 18 Hayden Hastings (Sheridan, Wyo.), Zane Coleman (Choctaw, Okla.), Sam Loera (Bakersfield, Calif.), Drake Engelking (Longmont, Colo.), Wyatt Jessen (Altamont, Utah), Cole Moody (Bingham, Utah), Jakob Discher (Wasatch, Utah)

182 - Owen Pentz (Morgan, Utah), Ryan Reyes (Clovis West, Calif.), Easton Rendleman (Choctaw, Okla.), Drake McAdow (Damonte Ranch, Nev.), Ritchie Heywood (Wasatch, Utah)

195 - Chayce Loveless (Payson, Utah), Ashton Seely (Juab, Utah), Adrian Godinez (Foothill, Calif.), Mark Inglehart (Allen, Texas), Joey Miller (McQueen, Nev.), D.J. Cohen (Wasatch, Utah), Angel Solis (Lemoore, Calif.)

220 - No. 2 Cohlton Schultz (Ponderosa, Colo.), No. 17 Darryl Aiello (De La Salle, Calif.), Haydn Maley (Roseburg, Ore.), Bear Hughes (Coweta, Okla.), Brandon Closson (Pleasant Grove, Utah), Nico Manzonelli (Allen, Texas), Chase Trussell (Morgan, Utah), Tommy Mommer (Cibola, Ariz.), Zach Heese (Battle Mountain, Nev.), Randin Pentz (North Summitt, Utah)

285 - Mason Watt (Broomfield, Colo.), Brett Walker (Delta, Utah), Brandon Kuipper (Columbia, Idaho)


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