California's Moorpark College reinstates wrestling

Wrestling returns to Moorpark College after an eight-year absence, the two-year southern California school announced in a press release.

The oldest and greatest sport will return to the mat at Moorpark in fall 2017, while one of the nation's newest sports, sand volleyball, will join the intercollegiate sports roster at the Ventura County community college in spring 2018.

"It is an unbelievable feeling to reinstate wrestling for the student athletes and wrestling community in Ventura County," said Interim Athletic Director Vance Manakas. "Moorpark College will be providing an opportunity for many to continue wrestling and follow their dreams."

"When wrestling was suspended, we certainly heard from hundreds of devastated community members. We hope and believe the same people, and many others, will be there to assist us in our fundraising efforts," Manakas said.

"Since wrestling was suspended, we have received great on-campus support, developed corporate partnerships and enhanced community ties," Manakas added. "The loss of our programs at Moorpark College shocked many people. But, it also served to enlighten them to the need to become more involved in decisions being made on our campus. That has been, and will continue to be, the rainbow in this horrible storm, the pot of gold is the addition of sand volleyball."

Wrestling and sand volleyball were added through Moorpark College's annual program planning process.

"The state revenue generated from the added student athletes won't reach our campus for 18 months," said Manakas. "So, there will be a time gap between paying the bills and getting paid. Nonetheless, adding these sports is in the best interests of Moorpark College on many fronts, including financially."

Recruiting for the reinstated wrestling program will begin as soon as a coach is hired.
Founded in 1967, Moorpark College is a public, two-year community college in eastern Ventura County, located just north of Los Angeles County. The school has approximately 15,000 students.


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