No criminal charges against Minnesota wrestlers in Xanax case

J Robinson coaching at the Big Ten Wrestling Championships (Photo/Mark Beshey, The Guillotine)

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Hennepin County prosecutors as well as Minneapolis city attorneys have decided not to pursue criminal charges against University of Minnesota wrestlers suspected of using and selling the prescription anti-anxiety drug Xanax earlier this year, nor would there be any obstruction charges leveled towards coach J Robinson, according to multiple media reports Wednesday evening.

The county attorney's office declined to pursue the case due to "a lack of evidence."

Minneapolis city attorney Susan Segal said that University police presented their case to her office last week, after approaching the county attorney's office.

"We reviewed all the evidence and there was not sufficient evidence to support charges in the case and it's as simple as that," Segal told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

In addition, Segal said that there wasn't enough evidence to support misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor charges against Minnesota head wrestling coach J Robinson "regarding this case and specifically concerning an obstruction charge being brought against (name redacted)," with that name reportedly being Robinson, according to the St. Paul Pioneer-Press.

Segal added that school officials did not inquire about drug charges concerning the wrestlers who were allegedly involved.

"Declining charges is different from saying that people acted appropriately," Segal said. "It means there's not evidence that fit in the criminal charges that we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt."

Meanwhile, the university will continue its investigation. Coach Robinson remains on paid administrative leave, prohibited from having any involvement with the Gopher wrestling team, nor is he allowed on the campus.


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