Minnesota powers to win over Illinois in Junior Greco-Roman National Duals

Minnesota Junior Duals Greco-Roman Team (Photo/John Sachs,

TULSA, Okla. -- Showing consistent skill throughout the lineup, Minnesota Blue came out fast and kept up the pressure, winning 11 of the 15 matches for a 42-21 victory over defending National Duals champion Illinois in the Junior National Greco-Roman Duals on Thursday.

Minnesota came out strong right away, winning five of the first six matches. That included bonus points in the first two matches, as Minnesota Blue jumped to a 9-0 lead. Taylor Venz came out quickly against Zack Crosby, with a takedown, a turn and then an quick first period pin at 195. Next up was Keegan Moore, who opened with a four-point throw and piled up the points for an 11-0 technical fall over Sergio Villalabos.

Thomas Helton won the first match for Illinois, a 6-3 decision over Sam Erckenbrack. The next three matches went to Minnesota, with decision victories by Matt Peterson at 100, Ashton Clark at 106 and Patrick McKee at 113.

Clark had to come from behind to win a 4-4 criteria win over Anthony Molton. Trailing 4-2, Clark scored on an arm throw and a stepout to tie it up and get the criteria.

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At Tulsa, Okla., June 23

CHAMPIONSHIP DUAL - Minnesota Blue 42, Illinois 21
195 Taylor Venz (Minnesota Blue) over Zack Crosby (Illinois) Fall 0:53
220 Keegan Moore (Minnesota Blue) over Sergio Villalobos (Illinois) TF 11-0
285 Thomas Helton (Illinois) over Sam Erckenbrack (Minnesota Blue) Dec 6-3
100 Matt Peterson (Minnesota Blue) over Anthony King (Illinois) Dec 6-1
106 Ashton Clark (Minnesota Blue) over Anthony Molton (Illinois) Dec 4-4
113 Patrick Mckee (Minnesota Blue) over Joey Melendez (Illinois) Dec 20-15
120 Louis Hayes (Illinois) over Victor Gliva (Minnesota Blue) TF 11-0
126 Peyton Robb (Minnesota Blue) over Anthony Madrigal (Illinois) Dec 7-6
132 Brent Jones (Minnesota Blue) over Gabe Townsell (Illinois) TF 10-0
138 Mitchell Mckee (Minnesota Blue) over Nolan Baker (Illinois) TF 15-4
145 Will Lewan (Illinois) over Calvin Germinaro (Minnesota Blue) Dec 16-11
152 Austin O`Connor (Illinois) over Ryan Epps (Minnesota Blue) TF 11-0
160 Jake Allar (Minnesota Blue) over Emille Shannon (Illinois) Dec 5-1
170 Lucas Jeske (Minnesota Blue) over Drew Matticks (Illinois) TF 11-0
182 Owen Webster (Minnesota Blue) over Logan Gruszka (Illinois) TF 12-2

THIRD PLACE - California 40, Washington 23
195 Bonifacio Escobar (California) over Jeremy Smith (Washington) Dec 9-9
220 Darryl Aiello (California) over David Comacho (Washington) TF 11-0
285 Gavin Nye (California) over Nick Workman (Washington) TF 10-0
100 Brenden Chaowanapibool (Washington) over Giovanni Villegas (California) TF 10-0
106 Brandon Kaylor (Washington) over Eric Sanchez (California) TF 11-0
113 Ethan Rotondo (Washington) over Oscar Nellis (California) TF 10-0
120 Mason Hartshorn (California) over Riley Gurr (Washington) Dec 12-8
126 David Campbell (California) over Jake Howerton (Washington) Fall 2:32
132 Clai Quintanilla (Washington) over Patrick Ramirez (California) Dec 5-1
138 Jaden Enriquez (California) over TJ Baun (Washington) TF 12-0
145 Michael Zaragoza (California) over Layn Pannkuk (Washington) TF 10-0
152 Peyton Omania (California) over Ryden Fu (Washington) Fall 1:29
160 Tommy Strassenburg (Washington) over Andrew Cervantez (California) Dec 13-12
170 Anthony Mantanona (California) over Carson Hoffine (Washington) Fall 1:38
182 Logan Nelson (Washington) over Juan Rosales (California) Dec 6-3

FIFTH PLACE - Michigan Blue 45, Oklahoma Red 21
195 Brandon Whitman (Michigan Blue) over Bear Hughes (Oklahoma Red) TF 18-8
220 Anthony Riopelle (Michigan Blue) over Tanner Hawkins (Oklahoma Red) Fall 0:49
285 Trent Hillger (Michigan Blue) over Gage Johnson (Oklahoma Red) TF 10-0
100 Devon Johnson (Michigan Blue) by Forfeit
106 Ravon Foley (Michigan Blue) over Wyatt Adams (Oklahoma Red) TF 10-0
113 Dominic LaJoie (Michigan Blue) over Alec McDoulett (Oklahoma Red) Dec 12-9
120 Dalton Duffield (Oklahoma Red) over Jordan Hamdan (Michigan Blue) TF 16-5
126 Drew Marten (Michigan Blue) over Jet Taylor (Oklahoma Red) Dec 6-3
132 Jacob Butler (Oklahoma Red) over Nick Freeman (Michigan Blue) Dec 3-0
138 Ben Freeman (Michigan Blue) over Jaxen Gilmore (Oklahoma Red) TF 15-4
145 Brik Filippo (Oklahoma Red) over Trent Lashuay (Michigan Blue) TF 12-0
152 Jaryn Curry (Oklahoma Red) over Dustin Gross (Michigan Blue) Fall 1:54
160 Bret Fedewa (Michigan Blue) over Ezequiel Rubio (Oklahoma Red) Fall 4:04
170 Hayden Kinjorski (Michigan Blue) over Nick Mahan (Oklahoma Red) TF 10-0
182 Jelani Embree (Michigan Blue) over Dan Baker (Oklahoma Red) Dec 15-8

SEVENTH PLACE - Iowa 36, Florida 30
195 Isaac Bartel (Iowa) over Nelson Hernandez (Florida) TF 12-0
220 Darius Hamilton (Florida) over Caleb Ring (Iowa) TF 10-0
285 Kyron Taylor (Florida) over Aaron Costello (Iowa) Dec 2-1
100 Jacob Cochran (Florida) over Cobe Siebrecht (Iowa) TF 12-0
106 Elijah Varona (Florida) over Carter Weeks (Iowa) TF 10-0
113 Drew Bennett (Iowa) over Malyke Hines (Florida) TF 10-0
120 Brenden Baker (Iowa) over Craig Marshall (Florida) Fall 0:26
126 Jordan Marshall (Florida) over Dante Tacchia (Iowa) TF 10-0
132 Nathan Lendt (Iowa) over Marcus Abreu (Florida) Dec 9-2
138 Ryan Leisure (Iowa) over Demetrius Anderson (Florida) TF 12-1
145 Anthony Artalona (Florida) over Nelson Brands (Iowa) Dec 9-1
152 Matt Malcom (Iowa) over Christian Febus (Florida) TF 13-2
160 Max Wohlabaugh (Florida) over AJ Geers (Iowa) TF 14-4
170 Carter Rohweder (Iowa) over Mikall Fundora (Florida) Fall 0:46
182 Bailey Chyma (Iowa) over Josiah Gittman (Florida) TF 14-4

BRONZE/COPPER Results (Places 9-16)
1st Place - Ohio
2nd Place - Kansas Blue
3rd Place - Utah Green
4th Place - North Dakota Blue
5th Place - Nebraska Blue
6th Place - Minnesota-Red
7th Place - Missouri
8th Place - Tennessee
1st Place Match - Ohio defeated Kansas Blue 45-23.
3rd Place Match - Utah Green defeated North Dakota Blue 47-20.
5th Place Match - Nebraska Blue defeated Minnesota-Red 39-26.
7th Place Match - Missouri defeated Tennessee 38-25.

RED/BLUE Results
1st Place - Texas-Blue
2nd Place - Pennsylvania
3rd Place - Georgia
4th Place - Colorado
5th Place - Kansas-Red
6th Place - North Carolina
7th Place - Indiana
8th Place - North Dakota-Red
1st Place Match - Texas-Blue defeated Pennsylvania 35-34.
3rd Place Match - Georgia defeated Colorado 38-30.
5th Place Match - Kansas-Red defeated North Carolina 43-20.
7th Place Match - Indiana defeated North Dakota-Red 40-17.

GREEN Results
1st Place - Arizona
2nd Place - Utah White
3rd Place - Nebraska Red
4th Place - Texas Red
5th Place - South Carolina
Arizona defeated South Carolina 61-11.
Utah White defeated Nebraska Red 32-30.
Utah White defeated Texas Red 38-24.
Arizona defeated Nebraska Red 57-14.
Texas Red defeated South Carolina 34-25.
Arizona defeated Utah White 47-22.
Nebraska Red defeated South Carolina 47-19.
Arizona defeated Texas Red 55-15.
Utah White defeated South Carolina 50-19.
Nebraska Red defeated Texas Red 47-14.

YELLOW Results
1st Place - South Dakota
2nd Place - Georgia Blue
3rd Place - Montana
4th Place - Michigan-Red
5th Place - Louisiana
Montana defeated Michigan-Red 34-17.
Georgia Blue defeated Louisiana 31-22.
South Dakota defeated Georgia Blue 47-16.
Montana defeated Louisiana 32-23.
South Dakota defeated Michigan-Red 53-11.
Georgia Blue defeated Montana 30-28.
Michigan-Red defeated Louisiana 30-30.
South Dakota defeated Montana 45-18.
Georgia Blue defeated Michigan-Red 35-24.
South Dakota defeated Louisiana 51-11

A POOL Results
1st Place - Minnesota Blue
2nd Place - Washington
3rd Place - Missouri
4th Place - Tennessee
5th Place - Colorado
6th Place - Indiana
7th Place - South Carolina
8th Place - Michigan-Red
1st Place Match - Minnesota Blue defeated Washington 54-16.
3rd Place Match - Missouri defeated Tennessee 37-29.
5th Place Match - Colorado defeated Indiana 44-21.
7th Place Match - South Carolina defeated Michigan-Red 29-23.

B POOL Results
1st Place - Illinois
2nd Place - Florida
3rd Place - Utah Green
4th Place - Kansas Blue
5th Place - Georgia
6th Place - North Dakota-Red
7th Place - Nebraska Red
8th Place - Louisiana
1st Place Match - Illinois defeated Utah Green 46-17.
2nd Place Wrestleback - Florida defeated Utah Green 39-28.
3rd Place Match - Florida defeated Kansas Blue 34-32.
5th Place Match - Georgia defeated North Dakota-Red 49-13.
7th Place Match - Nebraska Red defeated Louisiana 58-14.

C POOL Results
1st Place - Michigan Blue
2nd Place - California
3rd Place - Ohio
4th Place - Minnesota-Red
5th Place - Texas-Blue
6th Place - North Carolina
7th Place - Arizona
8th Place - Montana
1st Place Match - Michigan Blue defeated Ohio 32-25.
2nd Place Wrestleback - California defeated Ohio 41-26.
3rd Place Match - California defeated Minnesota-Red 37-27.
5th Place Match - Texas-Blue defeated North Carolina 60-8.
7th Place Match - Arizona defeated Montana 48-17.

D POOL Results
1st Place - Oklahoma Red
2nd Place - Iowa
3rd Place - North Dakota Blue
4th Place - Nebraska Blue
5th Place - Pennsylvania
6th Place - Kansas-Red
7th Place - Utah White
8th Place - Georgia Blue
1st Place Match - Oklahoma Red defeated Iowa 41-29.
3rd Place Match - North Dakota Blue defeated Nebraska Blue 38-26.
5th Place Match - Pennsylvania defeated Kansas-Red 37-24.
7th Place Match - Utah White defeated Georgia Blue 50-16.


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