Pre-seeds released for Big Ten Championships

ROSEMONT, Ill. -- The Big Ten Conference announced the preliminary seeds for the 2016 Big Ten Wrestling Championships, which are set for March 5-6 at Iowa. Five schools boast at least one top-seeded wrestler, with Penn State leading the way with four.

Nebraska and Penn State will bring a seeded wrestler in each of the 10 weight classes, while Iowa, Ohio State and Rutgers each boast a seeded grappler in nine classes.

The pre-seeds, as voted on by the conference's coaches, rank the top eight wrestlers in eight weight classes, along with all 14 starters in two weight classes due to the Big Ten receiving nine or more NCAA Championships qualifier allocations in those classes.

Penn State holds four No. 1 seeds, with 149-pounder Zain Retherford, 157-pounder Jason Nolf, 174-pounder Bo Nickal and 197-pounder Morgan McIntosh earning top billing in their weight classes. Michigan boasts two top-seeded grapplers in Dom Abounader (184) and Adam Coon (285), while Ohio State received top seeds in Nathan Tomasello (125) and Micah Jordan (141). The Fighting Illini's Zane Richards (133) and Badgers' Isaac Jordan (165) round out the group of top-ranked grapplers.

Three of this year's top seeds claimed titles at last year's Big Ten Championships, with Tomasello (125), I. Jordan (165) and Abounader (184) earning conference crowns last season. This season, three freshman earned No. 1 seeds entering the championships, including M. Jordan, Nickal and Nolf.

For more information on the 2016 Big Ten Wrestling Championships, visit the Big Ten Championships Central page on Iowa's website here. The complete list of Big Ten Championships pre-seeds can be found below.

1. Nathan Tomasello, OSU
2. Thomas Gilman, IOWA
3. Nico Megaludis, PSU
4. Tim Lambert, NEB
5. Elijah Oliver, IND
6. Johnny Jimenez, WIS
7. Conor Youtsey, MICH
8. Sean McCabe, RU

1. Zane Richards, ILL
2. Cory Clark, IOWA
3. Jordan Conaway, PSU
4. Geoff Alexander, MD
5. Eric Montoya, NEB
6. Ryan Taylor, WIS
7. Johnni DiJulius, OSU
8. Rossi Bruno, MICH
9. Dom Malone, NU
10. Anthony Giraldo, RU
11. Luke Welch, PUR
12. Garth Yenter, MSU
13. Alonzo Shepherd, IND
14. Sam Brancale, MINN

1. Micah Jordan, OSU
2. Tommy Thorn, MINN
3. Anthony Ashnault, RU
4. Jameson Oster, NU
5. Javier Gasca III, MSU
6. Anthony Abidin, NEB
7. Danny Sabatello, PUR
8. Jimmy Gulibon, PSU

1. Zain Retherford, PSU
2. Brandon Sorensen, IOWA
3. Jake Sueflohn, NEB
4. Jason Tsirtsis, NU
5. Alec Pantaleo, MICH
6. Alex Griffin, PUR
7. Andrew Crone, WIS
8. Jake Short, MINN

1. Jason Nolf, PSU
2. Isaiah Martinez, ILL
3. Richie Lewis, RU
4. Jake Ryan, OSU
5. Edwin Cooper, Jr., IOWA
6. Brian Murphy, MICH
7. Tyler Berger, NEB
8. Lou Mascola, MD

1. Isaac Jordan, WIS
2. Bo Jordan, OSU
3. Steven Rodrigues, ILL
4. Anthony Perrotti, RU
5. Chad Welch, PUR
6. Austin Wilson, NEB
7. Geno Morelli, PSU
8. Patrick Rhoads, IOWA

1. Bo Nickal, PSU
2. Alex Meyer, IOWA
3. Zach Brunson, ILL
4. Myles Martin, OSU
5. Nathan Jackson, IND
6. Micah Barnes, NEB
7. Nick Wanzek, MINN
8. Ricky Robertson, WIS
9. Phil Bakuckas, RU
10. Mitch Sliga, NU
11. Aaron Calderon, MICH
12. Josh Snook, MD
13. Shane Shadaia, MSU
14. Andrew Hoselton, PUR

1. Dom Abounader, MICH
2. Matt McCutcheon, PSU
3. Sam Brooks, IOWA
4. TJ Dudley, NEB
5. Nick Gravina, RU
6. Kenny Courts, OSU
7. Jeff Koepke, ILL
8. Ryan Christensen, WIS

1. Morgan McIntosh, PSU
2. Brett Pfarr, MINN
3. Nathan Burak, IOWA
4. Max Huntley, MICH
5. Aaron Studebaker, NEB
6. Mark Martin, OSU
7. Hayden Hrymack, RU
8. Jacob Cooper, MSU

1. Adam Coon, MICH
2. Kyle Snyder, OSU
3. Sam Stoll, IOWA
4. Billy Smith, RU
5. Michael Kroells, MINN
6. Collin Jensen, NEB
7. Brooks Black, ILL
8. Nick Nevills, PSU


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Paboy593 (2) about 5 and a half years ago
I don't see psu losing this one. Even if one or two favorites don't win it all(nolf, Mac) they should have enough thirds to cover. Only team that could stop them in osu. And I don't see lightning striking twice.
dbestsport (2) about 5 and a half years ago
McIntosh is also a #-1 seed returning champion. You may recall he beat Snyder in last years finals.
tonyrotundo (1) about 5 and a half years ago
Huh? Gadson, what?
dbestsport (1) about 5 and a half years ago
These are Big 10's...what does that have to do with Gadson?
Tombradyu (1) about 5 and a half years ago
What happened to Shakur Rasheed?
Rmg975 (1) about 5 and a half years ago
If everything goes as planned PSU will run away with this. Next year might be worse with possibly Suriano at 125, Cortez at 133, Hall at 165 and Manville somewhere.
bbb4ut (2) about 5 and a half years ago
Is there a more anticipated match than Martinez vs. Nolf, II?
dbestsport (1) about 5 and a half years ago
I am certainly looking forward to that one, but Megaludis/Gillman, Retherford/Sorenson, Jordan/Jordan II, and maybe a dozen more are also on my "Must See" list. Big 10 tournament is 2nd only to the National Championships.
the Hawk (1) about 5 and a half years ago
Where's the u pic em contest for the big 10.....?