Product Review: The Double by Double Sport

From time to time, I test new wrestling products, including books, videos, shoes, shorts, energy bars, and other miscellaneous items.

Below is a performance review of the Double by Double Sport.

Double Sport is a line of clothing that features tight-fitting micro fiber shirts and shorts. The two piece outfit (called the Double) has been NCAA and FILA approved as a uniform alternative to a singlet. This gear has also become popular for training purposes based upon its comfort and flexibility.

A few months ago, I ordered some Double Sport gear for myself. For $65, I was able to purchase a two-piece set (shirt and shorts) designed to my specifications and style. This customization included picking a color scheme (I chose blue and grey) and lettering (I chose to have "REV.WRESTLING.COM" placed on the back of the shirt). I was very excited to try out my new wrestling gear, but encountered very poor customer service. After three months of frustration, I finally received a package in the mail.

My days as a competitive wrestler have long passed, but I remain active in my training routine (both on and off the mat).

On the mat, the Double Sport gear was ideal for high intensity practices in which sweaty T-shirts and baggy shorts would normally hinder the simulation of live match wrestling. The microfiber material enabled more efficient heat/mass transfer, which promoted evaporation and cooling. The tight fitting shirt reduced the incidence of gut burn (rashes that result from repetitive gut wrenches) and allowed for more fluid pummeling drills during Greco Roman practices. The tight fitting shorts provided the comfort and flexibility that were ideal for fast paced drilling from the neutral position during freestyle practices.

Double Sport gear is also functional for cross-training purposes. I took advantage of the two-piece modularity by wearing the shorts during runs and the shirt during weight-lifting sessions.

Double Sport gear is ideal for training based upon its performance and flexibility. However, the verdict is still out on the newly approved two-piece uniforms for competition purposes.

"Most of the coaches regard the two-piece as more of a practice uniform," said Jim Keen Jr., President of Cliff Keen (New York Times, Nov. 2005). "The singlet has been part of wrestling for so many years, moving to a two-piece uniform would be like taking away the shoulder pads and helmet of football."

Athletes who are overly conscious of their body image should tread cautiously, as Double Sport gear leaves little to the imagination.

"Some coaches are still traditionalists and not too keyed up to change into a new garment," said John Purnell, the President of Brute (New York Times, Nov. 2005). "I don't know if they ever will. A two-piece garment is very form-fitting; therefore it doesn't look good on different body types."

Thankfully, I've been blessed with a nearly flawless physique (see picture).

I'm my opinion, Double Sport gear is ideal for training purposes based upon its performance and flexibility. Stylistically, however, I prefer the traditional singlet for competitions. I have a hard time imagining Dave Schultz wearing anything but the low-cut singlets that are representative of the 70's, 80's, and 90's.

Then again, maybe the same statements were made about Dan Gable without tights.

For more information on Double Sport apparel, check out their Web site at

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