Centenary College wrestlers charged in on-campus attack

Two Centenary College wrestlers have been charged with allegedly assaulting a man outside a campus residence hall and have been suspended from the team, according to media reports Wednesday.

Authorities on Friday charged 22-year-old Adam Swift, of Secaucus, N.J., and 22-year-old Joseph Bartolini, of Jackson Township, N.J., in connection with the attack on the school's Hackettstown, N.J. campus. Both suspects are members of the college's wrestling team. A Centenary spokesperson said the pair was suspended from the wrestling team indefinitely pending the outcome of the criminal charges and the college's internal investigation into the incident.

Bartolini and Swift were released pending court appearances after Judge J. Edward Palmer set bail at $15,000 for each man, authorities said.

Hackettstown police said they responded to an assault call at 11:11 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 9 near Van Winkle Hall. Officers found campus security attending to a victim bleeding from his face. The Hackettstown Rescue Squad transported the victim to Hackettstown Regional Medical Center. reported that Barolini and Swift beat the victim, Thomas Roselli, causing Roselli to suffer extensive injuries to the right side of his face that required reconstructive surgery, authorities said. Bartolini is also charged with simple assault after pushing Kayla Gonzalez to the ground the same day, authorities said. Media reports did not indicate whether either victim is a Centenary College student.

Centenary College issued a statement Monday on the alleged incident, saying, "The safety and well-being of our students is of utmost importance to everyone at Centenary College. As in past practice, we will provide the Hackettstown police with any requests they may have. In addition, the college has policies in place to review the incident internally."

Centenary College is a private, four-year, liberal arts college with an undergraduate enrollment of approximately 1,700 students. All Centenary Cyclones sports teams, including the wrestling program, compete in NCAA Division III.


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Spoonie Luv (2) about 5 and a half years ago
Is this water cooler gossip or a fair article? Did you actually do any investigation into what you are reporting or is this regurgitating the local papers write up?

As a journalist you should be well aware there are three sides to every story. Framing this article the way in which you have is weak. As a journalist who covers wrestling you should be asking questions that wrestlers would immediately pose to themselves. Why would these two be out looking for trouble during the season? Did these two wrestlers have a good or bad reputation? What and who started the fight? Did they hit a snap down or duck under to gain control?
Seriously Mark, last time I checked everyone in this country is to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Why not let the investigations of both the courts and school play out before writing this? Why not hold your judgment until the Truth is known. If these two young men, through the justice system, turn out to be innocent of any crime will you and or Intermat apologize?
BigTenGuy (1) about 5 and a half years ago
Isn't this site suppose to promote the sport of wrestling, not jump on the band wagon. There is information left out here, for one if you are going to do an investigation story, maybe you should see if there is any charges on the other two listed as victims. I expect this from local papers, and news, as they always jump on these types of stories, but from a site that is suppose to promote our sport just isn't right. We are suppose to back eachother in the small world of wrestling, not bash our own, especially when you aren't reporting the entire truth.