Pennsylvania wins Schoolboy Duals in freestyle

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- On the strength of bonus points scored in the finals, Pennsylvania Blue defeated Illinois, 41-33, for the freestyle team title at the Schoolboy National Duals.

Pennsylvania Blue won nine matches, while Illinois won eight in the finals showdown. The big difference came in the number of matches won with bonus points. Pennsylvania won eight of their nine matches with bonus points, including six technical falls and two pins. Illinois had just five victories scoring bonus points, with three technical falls and two pins.

With the bouts starting at 190 pounds, the teams split the first six matches, with Pennsylvania Blue winning three and Illinois winning three. Pennsylvania Blue had a 14-11 lead, based on bonus points. Read full story


Gold /Silver Pool Results:
1st Place: Pennsylvania Blue
2nd Place: Illinois
3rd Place: Minnesota II
4th Place: New Jersey
5th Place: Oklahoma Red
6th Place: Team Missouri
7th Place: Indiana Gold
8th Place: Team Washington

1st: Pennsylvania Blue defeated Illinois, 41-33
3rd: Minnesota II defeated New Jersey, 42-33
5th: Oklahoma Red defeated Team Missouri, 38-35
7th: Indiana Gold defeated Team Washington, 43-34


Pennsylvania Blue 41, Illinois 33
190: Ian Malesiewski (Pennsylvania Blue) tech. fall Jayce Punke (Illinois), 11-0
210: Sergio Villalobos (Illinois) pinned Kyree Brown (Pennsylvania Blue), 0:18
265: Ronald Tucker (Illinois) dec. Mike Slivinski (Pennsylvania Blue), 4-4
70: Jj White (Pennsylvania Blue) tech. fall Brody Norman (Illinois), 10-0
77: Dylan Ragusin (Illinois) dec. Dillon Murphy (Pennsylvania Blue), 10-2
84: Conner Kievman (Pennsylvania Blue) pinned Reece Heller (Illinois), 0:25
91: Travis Ford-Melton (Illinois) tech. fall Joe Klock (Pennsylvania Blue), 13-2
98: Juan Bazaldua (Illinois) tech. fall Michael Kistler (Pennsylvania Blue), 10-0
105: Will Lewan (Illinois) dec. Tommy Traver (Pennsylvania Blue), 6-1
112: Justin Mccoy (Pennsylvania Blue) tech. fall Matt Ortiz (Illinois), 10-0
120: Carnell Andrews (Pennsylvania Blue) pinned Michael Gunther (Illinois), 2:59
128: Josh Stillings (Pennsylvania Blue) dec. Danny Braunagel (Illinois), 8-5
136: Jack Hendrick (Pennsylvania Blue) tech. fall Max Fritz (Illinois), 10-0
144: Drew Hoselton (Illinois) pinned Caleb Hetrick (Pennsylvania Blue), 3:12
152: Ben Root (Pennsylvania Blue) tech. fall Danny Benoit (Illinois), 11-0
160: Nate Jimenez (Illinois) tech. fall Julian Gorring (Pennsylvania Blue), 10-0
175: Gavin Hoffman (Pennsylvania Blue) tech. fall Tyler Surges (Illinois), 14-1

Third Place

Minnesota II 42, New Jersey 33
190: Keegan Cavallero (Minnesota II) dec. Wade Drugac (New Jersey F), 7-1
210: Manuel Alvarez (Minnesota II) by forfeit
265: Dereck Casco (Minnesota II) pinned Dom Castallano (New Jersey F), 1:28
70: Will Guida (New Jersey F) tech. fall Pax Creese (Minnesota II), 12-2
77: Justin Bierdumpfel (New Jersey F) tech. fall Max Crowe (Minnesota II), 10-0
84: Emily Shilson (Minnesota II) tech. fall Sam Alvarez (New Jersey F), 13-2
91: Joe Hielman (New Jersey F) dec. Jeron Mattson (Minnesota II), 13-9
98: Pat Glory (New Jersey F) tech. fall Colby Njos (Minnesota II), 14-4
105: Gerard Angelo (New Jersey F) tech. fall Peyton Robb (Minnesota II), 10-0
112: Carmen Ferrante (New Jersey F) dec. Tyler Eischens (Minnesota II), 6-5
120: Nick Raimo (New Jersey F) tech. fall Brady Gross (Minnesota II), 11-0
128: Patrick Kenndy (Minnesota II) pinned Mathew Liberato (New Jersey F), 3:14
136: Anthony Jackson (Minnesota II) tech. fall Mathew Dallara (New Jersey F), 10-0
144: Ryan Karoly (New Jersey F) tech. fall Zach Peterson (Minnesota II), 11-0
152: Cody Dravis (Minnesota II) pinned Flynn Leaf (New Jersey F), 1:15
160: Christian Kurth (Minnesota II) tech. fall Joe Wilson (New Jersey F), 11-0
175: Colton Hellman (Minnesota II) dec. Joe Wilson (New Jersey F), 5-1

Fifth Place

Oklahoma Red 38, Team Missouri 35
190: Hunter Pyle (Team Missouri) pinned Drake Barbee (Oklahoma Red), 1:04
210: Clint Herrick (Team Missouri) dec. Mason Lancaster (Oklahoma Red), 6-0
265: Tyler Curd (Team Missouri) tech. fall Montana Phillips (Oklahoma Red), 13-3
70: Riley Weir (Oklahoma Red) tech. fall Riley Wertz (Team Missouri), 10-0
77: Garrett Stiedley (Oklahoma Red) dec. Garrett Raynor (Team Missouri), 8-8
84: Colton Schneider (Oklahoma Red) tech. fall Trey Crawford (Team Missouri), 10-0
91: Colt Newton (Oklahoma Red) tech. fall Blake Ackerman (Team Missouri), 10-0
98: Rj Mosley jr (Oklahoma Red) tech. fall Zeke Beach (Team Missouri), 10-0
105: Andrew Gamble (Team Missouri) pinned Jacob Blair (Oklahoma Red), 0:20
112: Colton Denney (Oklahoma Red) tech. fall Dayton Fields (Team Missouri), 10-0
120: Jacob Schmuck (Team Missouri) pinned Jon Mcgowen (Oklahoma Red), 0:58
128: Zane Coleman (Oklahoma Red) tech. fall Griffin Mann (Team Missouri), 12-1
136: Tyler Craig (Team Missouri) dec. Jacob Swenson (Oklahoma Red), 9-3
144: Devon Winston (Team Missouri) pinned DJ Boone (Oklahoma Red), 1:10
152: Jermaine Harring (Oklahoma Red) tech. fall Dylan Allen (Team Missouri), 12-0
160: Zach Russell (Team Missouri) dec. Justin Johnson (Oklahoma Red), 12-8
175: Shane Flandermeyer (Oklahoma Red) tech. fall Freeman Johns (Team Missouri), 10-0

Seventh Place

Indiana Gold 43, Team Washington 34
190: Kione Gill (Team Washington) tech. fall Landon Burton (Indiana Gold), 12-0
210: Kyle Cornwell (Indiana Gold) pinned Cruz Peterson (Team Washington), 1:34
265: Manny Cheam (Indiana Gold) by forfeit
70: Alex Cottey (Indiana Gold) dec. Brenden Chaowanapibool (Team Washington), 12-6
77: Beau Wiebe (Team Washington) dec. Trey Lane (Indiana Gold), 14-8
84: Isaiah Gonzalez (Team Washington) dec. Asa Garcia (Indiana Gold), 6-5
91: Alexander Cruz (Team Washington) pinned Matt Lee (Indiana Gold), 3:09
98: Christian Hunt (Indiana Gold) tech. fall Alexandro Vaca (Team Washington), 10-0
105: Tylor Triana (Indiana Gold) tech. fall Mason Phillips (Team Washington), 17-7
112: Quinton Scott (Team Washington) dec. Jack Servies (Indiana Gold), 5-4
120: Lane Holland (Team Washington) tech. fall Carson Brewer (Indiana Gold), 13-2
128: Zach Melloh (Indiana Gold) dec. Jack Ervien (Team Washington), 12-5
136: Zack Fattore (Indiana Gold) tech. fall Gavin Gies (Team Washington), 10-0
144: Kameron Fuller (Indiana Gold) pinned Adrian St. germain (Team Washington), 3:01
152: Lucas Davison (Indiana Gold) pinned Malachi Lawrence (Team Washington), 1:18
160: Zachary Stratton (Team Washington) pinned Caleb Thomas (Indiana Gold), 0:46
175: Zayne Ball (Team Washington) tech. fall Leonardo Pena (Indiana Gold), 14-3


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