Nationally ranked Baldwin commits to Virginia

Nationally ranked Fox Baldwin (Osceola, Fla.) gave a verbal commitment to the University of Virginia. Baldwin, ranked No. 8 at 152 pounds, is a three-time state champion. He recently set the national record for pins in a high school wrestling career.

He wrote the following in an email.
My dad and I had a plan to find the right university for me. That plan was to build a relationship with the coaches, visit the universities then in the fall go on my five official visits and then sign in November. There were several great universities that I had been building relationships with. Cornell, Duke, Harvard, Virginia Tech, Duke, Penn State, Missouri all had great programs that I was calling and emailing the coaches and building that important relationship. There were more colleges that I was starting to correspond with Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Lehigh, Nebraska, Brown, where all great options. What made my decision so tough was the coaches were not allowed to call me or invite me on an official visit until the fall of my senior year.

My first goal was to surround myself with coaches, teammates and people who share the same beliefs. I have been very blessed to always have that support system my whole life. A big part of my success is from all of the people who encourage, support and pray for me. Without Jesus and my support team I would not have had near the success that I have had.

My second goal was to find the university that will provide me with education and tools to be prepared for my career and life after wrestling. I want to help this country that I love (part of what drives me to win an Olympic gold medal). I want to become servant of this country and serve the people as a lawmaker and lead this country as our President.

My third goal was to find the university that will give me the best opportunity to become a four-time NCAA national champion and Olympic gold medalist.

After many, many hours of prayer and talking to my support team I had made the decision. My father wanted me to wait to be certain and take my visits. However I knew I had made up my mind. I felt it was not fair to all the great coaches and programs to let them think I was still interested when my mind was a 100% sure where I must go. It was not fair to all the hard working and deserving wrestlers that a university may be holding back with another recruit because of me. I could not be selfish like that.

I love the opportunity to be a pioneer, to pave the way for others and to set records. The decision was clear. Although there has never been a President of the United States that has attend the University of Virginia. The University of Virginia has everything in an education, tradition, location and connections to produce their first and the best President ever.

The University of Virginia has never had a NCAA national champion in wrestling. The University of Virginia has everything needed great coaches, great facilities, university support, fan support for me to become a four-time NCAA national champion. I know that the University of Virginia will provide me with support and do anything they can to help me bring a gold medal home in the 2020 Olympics that we just saved!

I want to thank my support team for helping me to get where I am and to where I am going. A special thank you to Diana Baldwin, Pete Baldwin, Jim Bird, Javier Maldonado, Rick Tribit, Don Cash, Jose Vazquez, Petey Baldwin, Kaitlin Birchler, Scott & Tammy Birchler, Bob & Lynn Birchler, Russell & Sharon Thompson, Todd Andrew, Jim Bird Sr., Jeanette Bird, Lerty Burnette II, Randy Butcher, Raymond Chambers, Frank Cousins, Kevin Donofrio, Becky Doran, Dave Doran, Leslie Downs, Rick Dozier, Bobby Douglas, Caeser Sharbono, Cathy Fineran, Bill Grant, Scott Gomrad, Thomas Harrison, Kris Hayward, John Hinsey, Richard Jones, Chris Kelly, Al Key, Fred Key, Gene Key, Glenda Key, James Key, Brian Kells, Dennis Kitko, Gerald Harris, Joanne Mears, Juanita Miller, Mike Palazzo, Markus Paridon, Rick Pedone, Mark Prince, Mike Porcelli, Eric Scrivens, Gary Sherman, Carter Shipley, Russell Shipley, Tara Shipley, Ron Shulz, Aris Rogers, Keith Wallace, Lee Wasson, Paul White, Steven Whiteacre, Mishelle Whitmire, Marc Wohltman, Steve Williams. I would also like to thank all my teammates and training partners. Most importantly I would like to thank God.


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Sotopop (1) about 8 and a half years ago
Wow,,,, I wish him luck.
And I told my kid just making the successful transition from high school to college was a good goal to set. :-/
conquistadors (1) about 8 and a half years ago
I'm sure God and Jesus are resting better now that he's decided to become a Cavalier.
marty (1) about 8 and a half years ago
Pretty sure a Pres. founded U. Virginia ( Jefferson)
Minnesotafan (1) about 8 and a half years ago
You should try to walk on the moon as well!
Minnesotafan (1) about 8 and a half years ago
Great Grammar.
Jesuswrestles (2) about 8 and a half years ago
Fox Baldwin is the Tim Tebow of wrestling!
HighCrotch247 (1) about 8 and a half years ago
Good luck.. Develop some short term goals and your long term goals will fall into place.
Cowboy Tim (1) about 8 and a half years ago
Fox, You seem pretty sure of yourself. I am pretty sure Virginia had a National Champion around 1958 in a heavyweight named Jordan (last name). I believe he made his mark in the NFL as an outstanding offensive lineman (Guard) for the famed Green Bay Packers. The University of Virginia is known for their history, beutiful setting, obnoxious fraternity boys & girls and overall snobby attitude. They probably would have had more national champions but the best from the state went elsewhere and many went out of state. Their committment has never been there. Good luck.
eastmo (1) about 8 and a half years ago
henry jordan was 2nd. ova has had 2 finalists, jordan and current hc steve garland. i would address your comment about commitment, but anyone that knows wrestling knows uva is making moves and their staff is committed to building a program the right way.
Cowboy Tim (1) about 8 and a half years ago
Thanks Eastmo for remembering Henry Jordan. My mistake because I thought he had won it all. Steve Garland did a great job as a wrestler there after transfering from Central Connecticut State after they dropped. Steve Garland has done an even better job as the head coach. Coach Garland is by far the best coach in program history and he is only in his eighth year as head coach. His results speak for themself. My question about committment is not about the committment from Steve Garland and his coaches...they are doing a great job! My question about committment is not about committment from their student athletes...these young men are doing a fantastic job at a very tough academic school. My question about committment is aimed directly at the administration particularly the Athletic Administration. I want to see them make the same committment that Coach Garland and his staff are making. I want their committment to reach the level of committment of the student athletes. Kudos to Coach Garland!!! UVa wrestling has never been better!!!
Cowboy Tim (1) about 8 and a half years ago
Sorry I mispelled "beautiful".
Africanwrestler (1) about 8 years ago
Fox Baldwin is the second cumming!