Back Points with T.R. Foley: Episode 13

Reece Humphrey, a 2011 U.S. World Team member and two-time NCAA All-American, talks about training and balancing home life with chasing the Olympic dream. Brian Muir (@muirorless) sets all the lines for the much-anticipated Iowa vs. Penn State dual.

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CradleFrmAnywhr133 (1) about 9 years ago
The dual is at Carver Hawkeye. Call up Muir and see if he wants to make a retraction podcast and reset some lines. I think depending what weight the dual begins set the tone on what the bonus pointers on Penn State do. starting 125: PSU down 9-3 after 149, not doubting my boy Mega-man, but on the downside, Dylan steps it up. But say he does lose, Magic-Man and the The Truth score points and then pin out. That's 12-15 in Psu favor, not including Brown vs Evans. Evans is too snub nose to turn this down at home, but we all know Brown is a Nat'l contender. I'm a PSU fan, but a wrestler and a realist, and sadly Evans take the decision, but Wright doesn't get fancy, he gets mean. It seems like just a major but knows the importance and pins. 15-21. On papaer, Telford has it in the bag, bug Gingrich got the win over McClure in grinding fashion, McClure didn't gas, Jonny boy G. just get kept moving a capitalized. Worst case he gets majored but doesn't give a pin away. no chance in HECK!!! PSU 21-18, thanks to the studs. Iowa always such a different team from beginning of the season to January, just improves and scares everyone. Muir is right with 6 matches to 10 in favor Iowa. then again his -2.5 Iowa for team is a good line, if Wright only majors and Iowa wins criteria. So here's looking at you Altons, make this $h*t happen.
Muir (2) about 9 years ago
Dual is indeed at Iowa and nobody else matches up with PSU like Iowa does. Updated the line on twitter. PSU is still slightly favored with their #1 ranking and bonus potential. I still like Iowa to pull the upset and win 6 out of 10 but everything has to go right for the hawkeyes. If PSU finds a way to split 5/5, Hawkeyes are toast. PSU - 1.5