Semifinals set at 50th Midlands Championships

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EVANSTON, Ill. -- The semifinal matches are set at the 50th Midlands Championships (matchups below). Illinois leads the team race after the quarterfinal matches.

InterMat is providing a live blog throughout the Midlands. Sunday's action gets underway at 12 p.m. CT with semifinals, consolation matches, and seventh-place matches. The finals will be broadcast live on the Big Ten Network at 7 p.m. CT.

Semifinal Matchups

No. 3 Jesse Delgado (Illinois) vs. No. 11 Christian Cullinan (Central Michigan)
No. 6 Jarrod Garnett (Virginia Tech) vs. Cory Clark (Iowa, Redshirt)

Ryan Mango (Stanford, Redshirt) vs. Jesse Thielke (Wisconsin, Redshirt)
No. 9 (at 141) Tyler Graff (Wisconsin) vs. Dan Dennis (Hawkeye WC, Postgrad)

No. 1 Kendric Maple (Oklahoma) vs. No. 4 Mitchell Port (Edinboro)
No. 3 B.J. Futrell (Illinois) vs. Devin Carter (Virginia Tech, Redshirt)

No. 8 Nick Brascetta (Virginia Tech) vs. Montell Marion (Unattached, Postgrad)
No. 3 Donnie Vinson (Binghamton) vs. No. 15 Steve Santos (Columbia)

No. 2 Jason Welch (Northwestern) vs. Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin)
No. 4 Joey Napoli (Lehigh) vs. Taylor Walsh (Indiana)

No. 6 Steven Monk (North Dakota State) vs. Bekzod Abdurakhmanov (Golden Eagle WC, Postgrad)
No. 3 Peter Yates (Virginia Tech) vs. No. 5 Bubby Graham (Oklahoma)

No. 12 Dan Yates (Michigan) vs. No. 19 Nathaniel Brown (Lehigh)
No. 8 Robert Kokesh (Nebraska) vs. No. 9 Lee Munster (Northwestern)

No. 3 Robert Hamlin (Lehigh) vs. Travis Rutt (Oklahoma, Redshirt)
No. 5 Ben Bennett (Central Michigan) vs. No. 6 Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland)

No. 1 Dustin Kilgore (Kent State) vs. No. 5 Mario Gonzalez (Illinois)
No. 2 Matt Wilps (Pittsburgh) vs. No. 11 Taylor Meeks (Oregon State)

No. 4 Jarod Trice (Central Michigan) vs. No. 8 Chad Hanke (Oregon State)
No. 6 Zac Thomusseit (Pittsburgh) vs. No. 9 Mike McMullan (Northwestern)


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Widowmaker (1) about 10 and a half years ago
What has happend to the top talent in this Tournament? Use to be many more Post Grads. What has happend to Destin MaCauley you would think this would be the perfect tournament for him?