Division I coaches asked to vote on proposal to NCAA

Don't blink. After looking like it'd been killed by the NWCA, the proposal for the NCAA Dual Championships has been revived. NWCA executive director Mike Moyer told me Thursday night that the proposal was being shelved in favor of more discussion. Less than 24 hours later, Cornell head wrestling coach and NWCA president Rob Koll sent a letter to all 77 NCAA Division I head wrestling coaches asking them to vote on a revised proposal up or down by Saturday at noon ET.

In addition to some general clarifications, the NWCA is offering to pay for the first $10k in travel expenses for first round teams forced to travel. Those monies would help defray some of the cost that could burden programs with limited funding. The NWCA also addresses future expansion and how team scores will be kept at the NCAA tournament. The Penn State staff has already voiced their opposition to these changes, calling it the "same proposal with a little bit of smoke."

Should the majority of Division I coaches approve the plan (39 of 77) then the proposal will go forward to the NCAA Wrestling Committee for final approval. From there it will be handed to the NCAA Championships cabinet for review and a vote to be included as soon as the 2013-2014 season.

Read the entire proposal for clarification on how this proposal will vary from the one brought forward in August.

To: DI Wrestling Coaches
Fr: President Rob Koll & DI NWCA Board Members
Re: Update on Status of DI National Duals initiative

We wanted to bring you up to speed on the status of the DI National Dual Meet Championship that was discussed at the 2012 NWCA Board meeting in Ft. Lauderdale. As our 2012 Board minutes reflect, the 8 DI board representatives (Rob Koll, Brian Smith, Mark Cody, Mike Rogers, Chris Ayers, Jim Zalesky, Tom Ryan, and Steve Garland) unanimously supported moving forward with the concept of an NCAA National Dual Meet Championship.

The following day, we presented the concept to all DI coaches who were in attendance at the Convention and after a very spirited debate, there was widespread consensus for moving forward (many coaches did have concerns but nevertheless supported it). Since then, there have been numerous emails floating around from coaches who were both in favor and opposed to the concept.

On Thursday, September 6, Mike Moyer and myself, in consultation with other DI Board members, disseminated an email to the 77 DI wrestling coaches suggesting that the NWCA should forward a memo to the NCAA Wrestling Committee suggesting that we "table" this initiative for another year just so we can have more time to educate coaches. Our primary concern is that we've come such a long way in galvanizing our coaching community over the past few years and we feared the very emotional responses stood to splinter our DI membership base.

We indicated (to the NCAA Wrestling Committee) we would be forwarding a letter requesting that the NCAA Championship Cabinet table this proposal for another year. We then received a request from the Chair of the NCAA Wrestling Committee, Dave Martin to have a conference call on the morning of Friday, September 7 with the Division I members of our board before submitting our letter.

This morning, the Division I NWCA Board Members (Tom Ryan and Jim Zalesky were not on the call) had a call with the chair of the NCAA Wrestling Committee, Dave Martin and Associate Director of Championships, Jeff Jarnecke to discuss new details regarding the National Duals proposal and ramifications for asking to table this decision. During this conversation we were able to address many of our constituents concerns regarding the current National Duals format and the ramifications of withdrawing our support.

As a result of this dialog, we were able to find solutions to many of the major issues brought forth by our members. I believe the NCAA and the NWCA have set forth a strong blueprint for future growth for the National Duals while at the same time protecting the integrity of our individual national championship. The following is a list of changes and issues that were agreed upon during the call.

The current 16 team model is the initial plan. Just like all other NCAA tournaments we hope to grow the tournament with an intermediate five year goal of adding 8 more teams.

Should any of the 8 traveling teams in the first round need financial assistance, the NWCA will cover up to $10,000 of travel expenses covered (by the NWCA).

The NWCA is permitted to promote the Individual tournament team score. This includes team trophy's, announcing the score at the venue. Furthermore the NCAA committee representative went so far to say that the NCAA would even be willing to generate the team score for us.

It is the NCAA Wrestling Committees opinion that tabling this proposal will in all likelihood kill this legislation for the foreseeable future.

The NCAA would continue to support the individual NCAA Championships (recognizing All Americans, per diems, etc……. Just not recognizing a team champion).

Following this call, all Division I NWCA Board Members supported a strategy of conducting a formal vote later tonight among all 77 coaches to accurately access their support or opposition to this proposal knowing the expanded details as outlined above.

I do not expect these amendments to placate everyone's fears but I do believe the vast majority of coaches voices have been represented through by the addition of this legislation. All that said, we need all 77 DI head coaches to cast your vote (the survey will be disseminated around 8pm est. tonight). We need this completed by noon (est) on Saturday, September 8. If the majority of the DI coaches respond favorably to this, we will proceed with our support of the NCAA Wrestling Committee (when they present this to the Championship Cabinet next week). If not, we will pull our support for the initiative and it will likely not be brought up in the foreseeable future.


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jimharshaw (1) about 10 years ago
Mike Moyer has vetted this over the course of years so those coaches who claim ignorance have no one to blame. I've listened to the discussion for a long time and I support the new format. If nothing changes, nothing changes.
spencerszewczyk (1) about 10 years ago
no matter how badly the nwca and the ncaa wants the national duals to be the wrestling version of the ncaa basketball "march madness" it will never happen. the lower seeded teams will never even compete with the top 3 or 4 teams, there will never be any upsets and the same handful of teams will be the only ones competing for a national dual title year in and year out. arizona state or central michigan is never going to beat iowa or penn state or oklahoma state in a dual meet no matter what. the attendance will be mediocre at best and instead of helping promote the sport, it will instead wind up being its demise. instead of having all 77 teams vying to compete at the individual tournament, you're now only having 16 teams that are competing for a national title. how does this in any way improve or promote the sport?
trfoley (1) about 10 years ago
I'd like to point out that there have only been eight different NCAA team champions since 1967, and only six since 1988. There is no real parity right now.